Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Girl After My Own Heart

She stopped dead in her tracks and plopped down right where she stood, mesmerized by the TV.
She's watching "Battle on the Block" on HGTV. And she applauded when they started using power tools.
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::sniff:: Mama's so proud of you, Baby.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Put on a Pedestal

I’ve always had a love affair with thrift stores. I remember combing through the racks in high school to find sweet vintage gear, and in college trolling through the latest cast-off furniture trying to outfit a college apartment with furniture I could procure and make my own, and therefore feel self-sufficient and oh-so-grown up.

These days, thrift stores are a fun search-and-rescue mission aimed at fueling my creativity and seeing what I can bring back to life. My latest crafty ventures aren’t overly creative, but I’m pleased with how they turned out.

Wanting some additional display options for the great room (or elsewhere), I went with the old standard “cheese dome-turned-display pedestal”.

My favorite Goodwill yielded this cheese plate (okay, not this exact plate, since I forgot to take a “before” picture, but just like this one. Marble base, glass dome and everything. Minus the cheese. Promise.) Big price tag: $2.99

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I dug through the D├ęcor Dungeon (my basement storage room) and came up with this cute pillar holder from Target. It has a good shape and when I saw them on sale for $3 I didn’t know where I would put them or how I would use them but I bought 2. Of each size. (AND I’m totally an internet jerk stealer because I forgot a 'before' picture so this one belongs to Thrifty Decor Chick (and suggested project, which ultimately came from House of Hepworths - follow that? ;) ) Oops)

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While I was down in the Dungeon I dug out this other cool pillar (though taller than the 1st) that I scored from K-Mart. Yes, K-Mart! When I meant to just run in and buy diapers for The Redhead, but passed these on sale 2 for $5. Um, yep, that’s in my budget thankyouverymuch. And then this wooden plate that was a random acquisition of unknown origin from college.

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I unscrewed/pried the little “feet” off the cheese plate, and introduced the two pieces to my favorite clear epoxy. Same process for K-Mart pillar and Random Plate. Let them dry upside-down. Add a coat of black suede paint, and there you go:
[sorry for the poor lighting]

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Both projects took me just a couple hours (that includes all drying time) and I love the simplicity of the look! Plus, there is something about a pedestal or an elevated surface that gives everything a little extra “punch”.

Budget Breakdown:

Cheese plate/dome: $2.99
Candleholder (base): $2.99

Plate: Free
Candleholder(base): $2.50

Paint + Epoxy: Free (already had from previous projects)
Grand Total for Both: $8.48

Friday, May 21, 2010

She's (I'm) No Martha

I'm not afraid to say it. And in this super-public forum:

Even in your fresh-out-of-prison poncho, I loved you, Martha Stewart.

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You're crafty. You're clever. You do neat things with paper mache. You make amazing desserts with impeccable detail and beautiful centerpieces. But there's only one you.

So I won't try to imitate you. Instead, welcome to Life on the V Side - And if you're smooth enough (old enough?) to catch our reference to the "B-Side" of an LP, we'll get along fine. Consider On the V Side the slightly eclectic flip-side to the hit single. Off the beaten path, often the subject of sentences that begin with "What the...?" That's how I roll.

My goal with this bite of the internet universe is to share a little bit of my personal style, my quirky ideas and crafty nonsense, and occassional photos of The Redhead:

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Martha can make a house look great with a million-dollar budget and some macrame. That's cool. I'm trying my hand at making a house a home by repurposing, refinishing and reusing. So Martha doesn't live here. Welcome to Life On the V side.