Friday, May 21, 2010

She's (I'm) No Martha

I'm not afraid to say it. And in this super-public forum:

Even in your fresh-out-of-prison poncho, I loved you, Martha Stewart.

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You're crafty. You're clever. You do neat things with paper mache. You make amazing desserts with impeccable detail and beautiful centerpieces. But there's only one you.

So I won't try to imitate you. Instead, welcome to Life on the V Side - And if you're smooth enough (old enough?) to catch our reference to the "B-Side" of an LP, we'll get along fine. Consider On the V Side the slightly eclectic flip-side to the hit single. Off the beaten path, often the subject of sentences that begin with "What the...?" That's how I roll.

My goal with this bite of the internet universe is to share a little bit of my personal style, my quirky ideas and crafty nonsense, and occassional photos of The Redhead:

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Martha can make a house look great with a million-dollar budget and some macrame. That's cool. I'm trying my hand at making a house a home by repurposing, refinishing and reusing. So Martha doesn't live here. Welcome to Life On the V side.

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