Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 (3) in 1!

I'm blogging 3 projects today, mainly because they're finished (finally!) and they're all going to end up in the same place, eventually.

These are part of my "Design on a Dime" project - The Redhead's Room. Over time I'm pulling together the pieces of her "big girl" room, and trying to be as thrifty as possible while still ending up with a room that defies the laws of cuteness. I'm trying to repurpose things I already have or utilize "leftovers" from other projects (i.e. get rid of stuff and make it useful) as much as possible. These projects were good for that.

So, today we're talking wall decor. I wanted a place for tacking up misc. "treasures"... I was like this as a kid - putting up random photos, tickets, etc. And I wanted something a little fun, and a little different, too. Enter projects 1 & 2 (3 will come in a later post today because it's more involved):

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These frames both came from the thrift store. Both have nice moulded edges, both were round, and both had a price tag of less than $1. (SWEEEET) The larger frame was backless and as you can see, I wasted no time sanding and slapping on a coat of primer. Such a hurry, in fact, I nearly forgot the "before" pic. The smaller frame you've seen before - our scenic "random barn" framed photo.

When I got the picture out of the second frame, turns out our barn art was just a picture cut out of a magazine. Go figure.

So. As I mentioned, I gave Frame 1 a good sanding, and started to douse it with some primer.
I also decided to remove the brackets from the back so it would eventually hang more flush against the wall. I took off the hanging wire, too. (I prefer a single loop on small projects like these, vs. a long wire across the back. It's not necessary for something this light)

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Add paint. I chose a simple white semi-gloss for a nice smooth finish.

From there, I measured the diameter of the circular opening, then used a compass to draw a circle on a square of cork I had left over from putting up inside a cupboard door.
(Like this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Disclaimer - not my cupboard door. But similar)

I cut out the circle, and used my trusty Gorilla Glue to adhere it to the inside of the frame. Once it dried, I cut a piece of heavy foam core to adhere to the back of the cork, to make it sturdier. (sorry no pics) Let Dry. We'll come back to you in a minute, Frame 1.

Frame 2 was even simpler.
- Remove picture. Laugh at picture. Throw picture away.
- Lightly sand. Prime. Paint (I used the same white semi-gloss.. just the regular Valspar from Lowe's)
- Instead of cutting MDF or something to fit into the frame (which you could totally do), I noticed that the backing piece was nice and smooth on its own, so I just painted right on it. If the frame cost more than $0.59, I might have thought twice about it. :)

I decided to make this little guy a chalkboard. Not only will the pop of black against the white frame provide a little texture and interest, it's the perfect size for little notes like "Love you!" "Don't forget...", and "You're grounded" (HA!), etc. etc.

I used Benjamin Moore chalkboard because it's what I had left over from an older project. But really, I think any chalkboard paint will do.

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I let it dry, and since this frame had a nice closed back I didn't have to do anything else.


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Since Frame 1 was open backed, I cut a simple circle of Kraft paper and glued it to the back to hide my "handiwork". Added a wire loop for hanging, and these little guys are ready to hit the wall!

Budget Breakdown:
Frame 1: $0.99
Frame 2: $0.59
White Paint: Leftover from Previous Project
Chalkboard Paint: Leftover from Previous Project
Cork: Leftover from Previous Project
Foam Core: Scrap from Previous Project
(You get the idea)

Grand Total: $1.58
Coming Soon: DIY Ribbon Board

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