Friday, June 25, 2010

#3 - Ribbon Board

So The Redhead went for many moons without any hair, save for a smattering of orange peach fuzz:

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Rather than resort to coveting the flowing pigtails of other children, I joined the ranks of ridiculously obsessed women and started outfitting Miss Red in fun headbands, clips, and giant flower bands the size of Rhode Island.
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[above photos copyright nFocus Photography. She is awesome. Just sayin']

Judge me if you must, but you can't tell me that's not some serious CUTE right there. It's science.

SO, having amassed quite a collection of clips, bows and bands, I realized that some sort of organizational tool for these accessories would be necessary in her new room [especially now that she actually has HAIR! HOORAY! :)]

I've seen ribbon boards galore at a host of places, but I wasn't feeling the typical diagonal-ribbon, tufted look. I'm more of a "clean line" type of gal, plus, I wanted a finished edge. I won't lie, this project ended up more involved than I had originally thought, but I'm still really pleased with the outcome and glad I custom-made what I wanted.

I started with this open-backed frame I had in the Decorating Dungeon [my basement storage room, for the newbies]. It was an unfinished frame that at our townhouse, held a bought-at-Michaels-for 4-bucks matte and print of Van Gogh's 'cafe at night' -you can kind of see it over the wine table in this picture.

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So, we moved, the frame moved, Van Gogh met a new friend at a garage sale and found a new home, and I painted the frame black. In the process of that project, I broke the glass, and the frame was unceremoniously dumped back in the dungeon. But, it was perfect for this project! And free! I gave it a couple coats of the same white semi-gloss I used for the round frames. Easy stuff. First step after that was to measure the inside of the frame to see what size board I would need.
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I had originally planned on cutting a piece of plywood or MDF for the backing of the board, but in the garage I found some scraps of pegboard left over from when Mr.V. cut me a board to organize all my crafting atuff. So, free again!

Once the pegboard was cut, I needed to layer something soft. I was planning on foam, but then I went to Joann's to pick up fabric and foam and discovered how ridiculously expensive foam is. Considering what you're getting, it's a pretty big racket, I think. No thanks. I had a backup plan: A couple months earlier some friends of our family installed hardwood flooring and had a really nice carpet remnant [plus cushy carpet pad] that they offered up for our [currently unfinished] basement. The remnant and pad were larger than our basement space, so I lopped off a rectangle of the padding and trimmed it to fit my pegboard. I used spray adhesive to keep it stuck to the board, but I don't think that step was a must-do.

I laid out my fabric, wrapped it around the pegboard, and attached it with a staple gun.
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Onto the ribbon. I chose 2 different widths of the same ribbon to create a little visual depth, but you can use whatever floats your boat - different colors, patterns, etc.
I cut the lengths to there was enough to wrap around teh edges. I measured one side first, then attached the top and bottom rows with the staple gun. On the other side, I attached the top of the ribbon, then wove each piece through the first side, like a basketweave, before attaching the bottom.
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Once your ribbons are in place, just fit the entire board into your frame. I chose to reinforce the edges with Gorilla Glue (let dry overnight) and it's very sturdy.

The finished product (sorry about the wacko lighting):
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All ready for clippies!
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Budget Breakdown:

Frame, Paint + Pegboard = Free (found around the house)
Fabric = $4 ($8 for 2 yards on sale at Joann's sale + coupon.. don't even think I used close to a yard - plenty left over.)
Ribbon = $2 (2 rolls at $1 per roll at Michael's)

Project Total: $6

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