Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Easy Transformation

I've been needing something in that space... you know, the awkward couple feet between your kitchen cabinetry and the ceiling? When we built this house, I thought the extra-high ceilings were light and airy and wonderful. They still are, I guess, but that space is a major pain. I've already had 3 different things up there in this specific spot, most recently a black wire bowl with green apples. While I liked the color splash, I've moved on. And therein lies the rub.

It's easy to be fickle with spaces like these, which is where thrift stores come in; it's a lot easier to change your mind without getting a lump in the pit of your stomach, thinking about all the money you've wasted on decor.

Enter our latest Goodwill transformation (please ignore the car parked in my, ahem, "workshop")


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I know, it's pretty hideous, right? All "painted to look like tree bark" and such. But the embossed image is nice, and the $2.99 price tag is even better!

I found a can of Rustoleum Navajo White paint at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, ... and that price tag is no lie.. priced at a whopping $1.50! In addition to the bargains found at your local ReStore, every dollar you spend there goes to help an awesome organization. Bonus! This color is a deep, creamy white and also happens to be the same color as my doors and window sills, so hey, everybody wins.
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Two coats and a couple hours later... Voila!

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Easiest. Transformation. Ever.

Budget Breakdown:
Pitcher: $2.99
Paint (whole can): $1.50

Total Cost: $4.49

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  1. I never seem to have this vision :). I'm enjoying your blog.