Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Instant Style

This time of year you're most likely to hear me complain about the heat a time or two (or ten). Though I'm slightly less vocal about it, I am, however, a fan of the warmer months for one reason: Everything is in bloom! The landscaping around the house perks up and rather than looking like a barren winter wasteland, we start to see some color! Yay!

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My peonies are opening up in the garden and I love using them around the house. I think fresh flowers are probably the fastest and easiest way to inject a bit of instant style into any room. I've been popping peonies in small clear glass bud vases (clear glass is always a winner and a classic look) all over the place - the bathroom, the kitchen, the mantle, the living room - and I love the end result, as well as the teeny hint of fragrance in the air.
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And I don't care how realistic artificial flowers are these days... there is just no comparison to the real deal.

I love "poofy" flowers like peonies, hydrangea, and dahlias because they have great volume and look awesome in bunches or with just a single stem. I'm also partial to flowers with height, like gladiolas or bells of Ireland because they make it super easy to make a really dramatic statement.

How about you? What are your favorites to decorate with?

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