Monday, June 28, 2010

Mirror Makeover

Ever since I started envisioning The Redhead's Room, I knew the furniture would be white, the shapes classic and the look timeless for a little girl. So in my searching I've been scoping out just that--you've seen some of the fruits of that labor in some recent posts. I lean toward wood, and classic moulded trim.

I knew I wanted an oval mirror, and since those can be pricey, I've just been keeping my eyes open for a deal. The best I could find were these at our friend Hobby Lobby... but I wasn't crazy about either one:

This one was the right size, shape and color, but I wasn't crazy about the little scrolly detail (too shabby chic for my taste), and all the distressing:

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This one was more my style with the beveled edges and moulded detail on the frame. I would have to paint it, but that's no big deal. I wasn't thrilled with the beaded detail on the inner circle, but I preferred it over the scrolls on the previous option:

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Each of these is $70 at Hobby Lobby, king of the 50% off sale. But even at half off, $35 is a great deal, but I thought I could find even better. [This is, after all, a Design on a Dime challenge! :) ]

Lo and behold, I was RIGHT! My aunt hosted a garage sale about a week or so ago [the very same where I scored the nifty jar for my ribbon]. I was helping out at the till and as our first customers of the morning started trickling in, I looked up and staring straight at me was this great mirror! [and yes, the Hawkeye flag reflection in the mirror was totally intentional. Gotta represent the UI :)]:
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I loved the look. Then I saw the price sticker and I LOVED IT MORE. For a mere $5, Goldie the Mirror was going to find the perfect home in The Redhead's Room.

I taped off the glass and went to work. This paint job only took a couple hours, and about 5 coats to get an even look. That gold was determined to show through! I didn't use Primer because I was lazy and wanted to jump right in, but in hindsight that probably could have eliminated about 3 coats of paint [my standby, leftover Valspar Gloss White], an hour of dry time and about 4 instances of "you're kidding me -it's still not covered??!!??"

But all in all, Goldie is now Whitey and I am in love:

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Budget Breakdown:

Since all my paint and supplies were things I already had, my only cost was the mirror itself:
$5 (hooray!)

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  1. Nice job on the mirror. I like your story behind it, especially your illusion to Design on a Dime? Were you a fanof the show? We were actually featured on it several years back when the team transformed our patio! I loved those guys, and miss the show terribly....