Monday, June 7, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

My latest thrifting venture netted me some finds that I've already gotten started on. So far they're coming along and I'm excited to update you on the finished projects once they're complete! Here's a look at what I brought home... Any thoughts on what I'm doing? :)

You can typically find a boatload of brass candlesticks at any thrift store (thank you 1986 - 1992!). Pricing, however, can vary. I find prices are typically a little higher for these at Goodwill (anywhere from $2.99 - $4.99 which, don't get me wrong, is still a killer price). I scored this group (plus some neat-o chunky wood ones) at a non-goodwill thrift store for about $1 or less each. Right on.
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You know some grandma somewhere sat at home - or maybe in a nifty crafting class - and painstakingly painted these flowers on this tray. And I'm sure for many years it sat nestled on a bed of lace doilies in her hunter green and plum living room.

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Well, sorry, Nana, but I'll soon be saying Buh-Bye to your flowers, in all their Grandma Glory. Your tray is about to get an update and if it works out, it will be supersweet.

And this little guy is one of those most-often overlooked items at any thrift store; people get distracted by the ugly/dated/weird art, and totally miss the good parts. I see a nice wood frame, with good lines and moulded detail. And yes, a random barn picture.

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Well for $0.69, he is destined be become a part of my Design on a Dime project. I'll post a little later on my plans for his place in The Redhead's Room.

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