Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Easy, Eco-Friendly, Ecnomic Coasters

I have issues with coasters.

I am obsessed with using them. The left side of my face starts to twitch a little when I see people not using them (at my house or someone else's.. doesn't matter). Beads of water sliding down a glass toward poor, unsuspecting wood finish is enough to send me into a tizzy.
Like this picture? Kind of makes me want to freak out.

And also....most cute coasters suck at their jobs.

It's true... anything stone (yes, even those claiming to be "absorbant stone"... still = suck), glass or plastic does nothing to help filter the water, and basically you end up with a puddle that ends up running off onto your table anyway.

So, what's something (short of sitting your glass on a kitchen sponge) that will soak up the condensation without soaking through and hurting your table?

My solution: CORK!

It's absorbant, it's eco-friendly, and it's been all over the decorating trends - I think Pottery Barn was attempting to create an entire room from cork last fall.

There are lots of cork coasters out there, but many are more expensive than they need to be. Here's my trick - plant mats!

These cork circles come in a variety of sizes. They are meant as a coaster for houseplants, in the event excess water drains out the bottom of your container or runs down the side of the planter. They are made from recycled cork, and are backed with recycled rubber so that any moisture absorbed doesn't seep through to your furniture surface.

The best part - this time of year, they're on SALE! :)

I picked up a bunch on clearance at Target for $0.68 each.

(Yes, that's totally Guitar Hero shoved in the corner there. And yes I am totally Awesome.)

On the V Side: Saving furniture from the perils of moisture, one coaster at a time. :)


  1. Grrrreat tip!!! I'll have to go get me some o' these!!

  2. Great tip Mrs V! I'm off to Target.
    Thanks for sharing!