Monday, August 16, 2010

The Little Things

Happy Monday!
School starts this week, which always puts me in a contented mood; there's something about Fall being on the horizon that I love. We were also treated to some gorgeous weather this weekend, and I got to spend much time at the park with the Redhead, walking with this handsome devil

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and enjoying being able to open up the house. I spent a lot of time appreciating and being grateful for small things that I love, but I sometimes pass over.
I love [in no particular order]....
1) Lavendar soap
2) Perfect weather to eat dinner out on the deck
3) Fluffy white towels
4) An organized closet
5) New office/school supplies
6) Cinnamon-scented candles
7) Pedicures
8) Watching movies in bed
9) Crisp, clean sheets
10) The smell of burning leaves
I'm also pretty fond of:

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How about you?

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