Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jewelry Board

For many years, this is what my jewelry drawer looked like.

What? Oh no, you heard that right… jewelry drawer. Yup, all my jewelry, some nice, some not so nice… just stuffed into a drawer.  I tried everything with that drawer… dividers, organizer trays, but nope! By the end of a couple weeks everything still ended up tangled hopelessly in a ball.

To keep my necklaces and bracelets from getting kinked and gnarled, I determined that they needed to hang. But I wanted to keep my jewelry station in our walk-in closet… I had no need for additional wall décor that (knowing my own tendencies) could take a turn for the messy in a heartbeat.

Out in the garage one day, I spied Mr.V’s tools neatly arranged on the pegboard. I thought, I just need something like that for my jewelry. Or exactly that!


Here's How:

We had some leftover pegboard from the garage project, and went to work. I figured out the dimensions I wanted, and Mr.V. cut the board. Then we packed up The Redhead and took a trip to Home Depot for trim. What we ended up with was actually chair rail – what you would use cap wainscoting in your living room. It has a lip on the side that is the perfect size for concealing the edge of the pegboard.

My Dad helped with cutting the trim, and with just a couple cuts on the miter saw, we had a perfect frame. I painted the trim to match the (already white) pegboard, and glued everything together using Gorilla Wood Glue.

To make it more secure, Mr.V. mounted it on braces that are screwed into the studs. It sits a little off the wall, which I like. And because we used the chair rail for the edging, you still can’t see the pegboard.

Someday I’ll paint all those S-hooks and peg hangers white to match, but for now, um, IT’S IN A CLOSET. I’ll survive. :)

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  1. I just found my way over here from another blog that posted yours... great stuff! I have something very similar in my house, but i love how you added flowers to yours - much prettier - I posted mine on my blog also - - the jewelry, jewelry everywhere post :) Check it out!
    Jennifer (Green Door Girl)