Thursday, September 30, 2010

Loving Where You Live

Sometimes no matter what we do to our houses, what truly makes it "Home" is where it falls on the map.
Whether it's a small community or a bustling city that you love, it really is all about Location, Location, Location!

I was so excited to check out 320*Sycamore this morning and find a love letter about my state! 
Melissa is putting together a cool license plate wall in her basement playroom, and just received an Iowa plate in the mail from a reader.... and because Iowa is SO COOL, we got a little shout out. 
Check out the post HERE, and while you're there, check out the rest of Melissa's blog - it's definitely on my "Love" list.

You know what else is on my list of LOVES?  A lot of other great things about Iowa:

* DUH, the sweet corn.  You won't find better anywhere else in the country so don't even try.

* When you're out taking a walk with the family or the dog, or jogging, the people you pass smile and say "Hi".  To strangers.  ALWAYS.

* My Alma Mater.  Once a Hawkeye, always a Hawkeye! 

Our Coach Ferentz doesn't hurt, either. ;)

* You don't have to sell your firstborn to live well (And no, The Redhead is not up for sale.  Yet.).  What we have paid for our 4-bedroom home with a spacious yard would buy us approximately a small 1-bedroom apartment in California, a tiny loft space in New York City, or a 2-bedroom townhome in some parts of Chicago.  We're happy rockin' the suburbs :)

* Every 4 years, Iowa becomes the center of the Universe.  Iowa is a "Must Have" campaign destination for any candidate hoping to make a home in the Oval Office.  Election years are exciting and we watch it all unfold from the front row.
Living here makes you understand the power of your vote and your voice.
* I have a family of teachers who might publicly flog me (no, that's not an Iowa tradition... it's just my crazy family) if I didn't mention our education system is one of the best around.  Our teachers and districts are not immune to the myriad of challenges facing schools across the country, but they fight hard for kids and it shows.

I could wax nostalgic about Iowa all day long, but I want to hear something wonderful about where YOU hang your hat each night.  What keeps you blooming where you're planted?
Happy Thursday! 


  1. I was born & raised in Iowa, moved away for a few years and have now returned! A great place to raise a family. Checkout Prairie City Goldie's for the best tenderloin in the state of Iowa! Living in Iowa also means being close to my family - and having Mrs V. as a sister-in-law is pretty cool too! Love you!!

  2. I'm diggin the home love prompt!

    I live in upstate SC. I love the South. I do.

    With Fall having just arrived, I am thinking a lot about southern summers. I love that it's green here. I love fireflies and honeysuckle. I love the plush, green, grass down by the creek and how the girls go in and splash around on the hot days.

    I love driving out in the so called, "rural areas" and seeing old barns with their chippy, red paint. And the old tractors parked underneath sheds.

    I love the smell, after the sun has baked the woods all day & then you get a surprise shower in the afternoon-you can just smell, I don't know- freshness!

    I love the beauty of a southern Magnolia tree and the elegant creamy petals of the blossom against the green backdrop of those big ole leaves...

    & we actually DO have kids with lemonade stands on the neighborhood corners.

    I love the bare feet of summer. I love the butterflies that flitter here and yonder and the delight and wonder it brings the girls, as if it's the first butterfly they've ever seen in their whole life!

    We have 6 acres and my FIL has some goats he keeps out behind our home in the back of the back yard. The kids love to go out and pick the Kudzu that grows beyond the fence and feed it to the goats.

    I love the quiet and the noises of the evening out here in the country. I love that I can look up and really see the night sky. It is a beautiful world god created for us, isn't it?

    Well, I've rambled enough. I can't put into words how lovely I think our home area is- I'm not good at writing, but I do cherish living here.