Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On the Stool

OK no, this post is not about toilets, but I thought that title would be funny. No? Well, maybe next time. OH! And the project in this post isn’t finished [I don’t think], but I desperately need your help deciding what to do next! Read On…

The Redhead is getting taller, and is exercising her curiosity about what’s really up on those surfaces that she can’t quite reach – kitchen island, countertops, the kitchen table, etc. I’ve had enough instances of finding her hanging precariously on the edges of things that it was time to give her a tool to help her satisfy her curiosity – WITHOUT breaking her neck.
I used a coupon and bought this (well, a similar one) ready-to-finish stool at Michael’s for something like $7.

I liked the turned wood legs and as I look around my house I notice I definitely appear to be partial to squares and rectangles, vs. round shapes. That’s probably why I chose this guy over the version with a round seat. Huh.
I got him home and promptly slapped a coat of black semi-gloss on him, thinking I’d be done.
BUT, this is me we're talking about:

  1. I love a monogram and anything personalized.

  2. I just got this new Cricut and I’m obsessed with watching it cut.

  3. Mr. V. had commandeered the remote and was at DEFCON 5 watching Monday Night Football and checking on his fantasy team, and I may have been pouting about wanting to watch Dancing with the Stars. Maybe.
 You see where this is going – it needed a little something more.
I found a nice creamy paper and the Cricut gave me a nice V
(V #6,428 in my home, I believe). I modge podge’d it to the top and decided to modge podge the entire seat to give it a nice, even seal.
I let it dry, then I washed my hands and put it down, waiting for The Redhead. And then I stood back, and thought “It needs SOMETHING….”
But I stood there for 10 minutes staring at the darn thing and couldn’t figure it out. Clean khaki stripes? A full monogram? Nothing at all? A different color?

Seriously. I love a good brownie.

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  1. You are right it does need something. Maybe a fun corner scroll opposite the "V". I would send brownies, but I doubt they would make it out of my house! Yum!