Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Resurrecting a White Elephant [Gift]

Anyone do White Elephant gift parties for Christmas?  I know there are 100 different things people call them, but basically it's when, instead of buying a gift for a gift exchange around the holidays, you find something (usually atrocious) that you've had stashed away, received as a gift from someone else, or just want OUT of your house, and wrap it up for some poor unsuspecting sap. 

I have a box of these "gems" in my basement, just waiting for the next go round.  Today's featured project is a rehabbed White Elephant gift, that's now a cute addition to my kitchen.

This welcome sign was part of a fabulous box of "goodies" I received one year. 

[V Family, does this look familiar?  I just want you to know I'm still bummed I didn't get that sticker maker.] 

It's not hideous, but it's a little too "Country Craft Show" for my taste.  So, I went to work.

I removed the gingham fabric, and I used a screwdriver to pry the worded panel away from the frame.
The frame went to the garage for a few coats of Black Suede spray paint, and I took the panel to the kitchen for some quality time with me, a paintbrush and "Mad Men".

I used some Restoration Hardware "Flax" that I had leftover from doing The Redhead's nursery.
It went on nice and even, and dried quickly, which was a bonus.  For the purpose of this project, the surface needed to be somewhat wipeable, so it was important to use latex paint.

Once both pieces [for the most part] dried, I reattached them with some Gorilla Glue.  You can see where I stuck my thumb in the wet paint here and had to do some touching up.  Oops!

While the glue was drying, I cut out some letters on my Cricut (yes, I got one.  I never thought I would, but I came across a deal that was so good if I passed it up I would hate myself for eternity.  So I got it). 

I didn't have any vinyl to use, and wasn't really in the mood to tediously and meticulously glue 1-inch paper letters onto this panel (it was getting late and I am typically in bed earlier than your 80-year-old Grandma).  What I did find that I had was full-sheet labels.  Basically, it's an 8x11.5 sheet of crack & peel paper by Avery.  Normally when you buy these sheets they have the labels already pre-cut.  I had made some stickers for Christmas a few years ago, so I had these full sheets left over.  I ran 'em through the Cricut and they cut like a charm:

All done!

Now when I'm doing my meal planning for the week, I just use chalk-ink markers to write out the week's menu.  Just use a damp cloth when you need to change it up and it wipes right off! [This is why it's important to use a latex paint for 'wipability'.  I'm not sure that's a word, but whatevs]

Got any potential in any of your you'vegottabekiddingme gifts of holidays past? :)


  1. This turned out SO cute!

    Since I have seen all these wonderful transformations- I have been looking at my own "donate to GW" pile and pulling some stuff back out cuz I see the possibilities.

    Love your blog!

  2. Super cute! I found you at the Today's Creative Blog hop! Come by and visit me at Sassy Sites! We have a giveaway going on AND a header contest. Come by and check it out. xoxo

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  3. I love goodwill finds! Im your newest follower!


  4. I adore your makeover here! And I never ever thought to run sticker sheets through my Cricut. Thanks for the inspiration. That changes everything!

    Love your blog. Stop by and visit me sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal.

  5. Great redo (though, for a white elephant gift, it didn't start out too bad!)

    If you get a chance, I'd love for you to link to this on Not "Baaad" Sundays with LambAround :)