Monday, September 20, 2010

Wearing her Heart on her Sleeve... er, Tummy

Remember Newman? He joined our family at 8 weeks old, a gift to me from Mr. V. - sort of a prize for turning 30.

Just a few months after bringing home our flop-eared, roly-poly puppy, we found out I was expecting The Redhead.

There’s something to be said about Dog’s intuition. From the first emergence of a baby bump, Newman was always poking his nose into my belly, nudging The Redhead as if to say hello. When she got bigger and you could see her movements from the outside, he would “chase” her on my tummy (think “whack-a-mole” with a giant dog paw)

Toward the end of the pregnancy, Newman’s own maternal instincts kicked into gear and he did his best to hatch our baby.

When she finally arrived, it was the beginning of a very special friendship. And they have been inseparable ever since.

Her favorite shirt used to be a onesie with a puppy on it. She would pat her chest and gleefully shout “WOOF!” “WOOF!”. But last winter’s onesie is now packed away in a tub with all the other clothes she grew out of so quickly ::sniff::

It was time for a new puppy shirt, and what better model than her BFF?

I took a cue from this year’s silhouette trend, and found a simple Boxer silhouette online.

(note: just google “silhouette” + whatever breed you’re looking for and I guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for. So. easy.)
From there, I found my fabric (in this case, an old pinstriped shirt of mine), laid it flat and traced the silhouette with a pencil. I took a sheet of heat adhesive and peeled one side off, then attached it to the fabric. I did this before I cut it out, A) So I wouldn’t have to cut the darn thing out twice and 2) so I wouldn’t have to worry about the cuts not matching up.

I found a simple long-sleeved t-shirt on the rack at Target, and from there, after I peeled off the other sticky side and placed it on my shirt, all I needed was 30 seconds and a hot iron.


Happy Camper :)

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  1. That is a great story and a fab! shirt.

  2. I love baby/puppy friendships! Warm my heart! Great idea too!

    P.S. LOVE your background! ;)

  3. Oh I love that story! What a cute and easy way for your little one to take her BFF everywhere!