Friday, October 22, 2010

Bow Board II

A while back I walked you through making a ribbon board for The Redhead's Room to store all her hot hair accessories.  Today, it's Bow Board, version 2.0.

Cool Sister saw an idea for a board for Miss L, and thought I might be interested in the project.  She also knew I might have a metric ton of chicken wire in my garage.

(Note: last year, all the landscaping plants on The V Side were encased in cylinders or fences made of chicken wire.  "Wow!" you must be thinking.  "Quite a bunny problem you had there, huh!" 
Um, no.
Our "Problem" weighs about 63 pounds and believed that landscaping plants = buffet:

OK.  So now that McSlobbery up there appears to have outgrown his "affliction", the chicken wire has come off.... but apparently it's not something you can just chuck in the garbage bin and say 'sayonara'.  So until we find the appropriate way to recycle/get rid of it, I am ALL.FOR. projects that require me to use it!
Onto the board:

I started with the same frame I used for Miss L's above the bed wall decor, only a smaller size.

I gave it the same coat of Gloss White paint that I gave the other frame, so they would match.
Next step was to cut and secure the chicken wire.  You'll need tin snips to cut the chicken wire, and as hard as you try to measure on the seams, you will end up with a couple jagged edges.  And those HURT, people!  Do yourself a favor and grab a pair of garden gloves while you're working on this.  Chicken wire can cut you easily and I've got the band-aids to prove it.
I measured and snipped, then secured the chicken wire in the smallest part (closest to the front) of the frame.  Upon recommendation from Mr.V., I stapled the wire in, rather than trying to use construction adhesive, which was my original plan (I've mentioned before my penchant to use too much glue.  Good advice!).

For the backing, I used a piece of leftover luan I had from a previous project.  I covered the luan in a fun fabric, folding it over on the back to create a nice edge and then securing it to the luan with Gorilla Glue.  Since the back of this will be exposed (well, only when you're hanging it), I wanted it to look somewhat 'finished' so I covered my glued fabric seams with some ribbon. 

If you're doing this for your own house and totally don't care about the back, you can avoid this step completely.  Since this is going in Cool Sister's house, I didn't want her to think I do sloppy work :).

I attached the fabric-covered luan to the back of the frame using flat-head screws (again, with Mr.V's help). 
By securing it to the very back of the frame and not fitting it into the opening (where the chicken wire sits), it creates a little space between the pieces, which allows for easy maneuvering of clips and bows to and from the wire.

All we have to do is get 'er hung, and The Divine Miss L now has a chic space for all her accessories.

And PS the fabric covering the back isn't an orangey-reddish like it looks here - it's actually a fun hot pink with small white dots and it's going to look great in her room!
I'll post an updated picture once it's up in Miss L's room so you're not continually subjected to the "low-light-because-I-have-to-wait-for-theRedhead-to-go-to-bed" photos :)


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