Friday, October 29, 2010

Fabric Flowers

Last week I blogged about a Bow Board I put together for my niece, Miss L.
I embellished the board with a few fabric flowers that I added for a pop of color and a little additional texture.

What I didn't expect was the response I would get about those 3 little flower clips!

I received several requests for the steps I used to make them. Well, ask and you shall receive! :)

You only need a little bit of fabric to make these so it's a great way to make use of scraps.  These flowers can be as large or as small as you'd like - just adjust the amount of fabric you use accordingly. 
For reference, the flowers pictured above are roughly 2.5 - 3 inches in diameter, if that helps you get a visual reference.

Start with a strip of fabric - mine was about 4 inches wide.  I can't remember how long it was...I think in the vicinity of 18 inches. 

The length of the strip will ultimately determine the diameter of your finished flower.
Start by folding the fabric length-wise, and tying a knot in one end.

And yes, I totally write notes to myself on my hand like a third grader. 
Now, twist the fabric loosely - like how you would twist a lock of your hair - the start to wrap the fabric around the knot (the little "tail"of the knot should be the center of the flower).

Here  is where the size of your flower will determine the rest of this process.  I just wrapped my flower and moved onto the final step, because they were relatively small.  With a larger flower, though, it gets hard to hold everything together while you're still twisting and wrapping.  So, some people choose to adhere as they go. 
When making larger flowers, I use hot glue on the back side to keep things from falling apart.  All your handiwork can be easily covered at the end by a piece of coordinating fabric or felt.

Since my flowers were small, I just stuck some fabric squares on a side of heat adhesive, then cut out circles for my flower backing. 
Once you have yourcirlces, peel off the backing and attach them to the back of the flower.

Heat up the iron, give them a quick once-over, and the flower is finished!

From here, you can sew them onto pillows, hot glue them onto other projects for a little embellishment, or add alligator clips or pins for a cute accent to a hat, headband, lapel or purse.
And that's it!  Simple, right?  And super cute!

Enjoy and Have a Great Weekend!


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