Monday, October 4, 2010

The Monogrammed Princess

Today I'm talking about finishing touches.  And indecision.  And how sometimes, what you envisioned for a project isn't how it turns out, but the end result is usually better.  

A while back, I worked these accessories for The Redhead's Room - out of two thrift store frames, I made a cork board and a small chalkboard for her room.  They turned out well, I thought.

But the more I thought about it, the less practical I found a chalkboard for her room.  Images of chalk dust swirling in the sunlight and chalk drawings on the walls kept floating through my mind.  So, it had to go.  
I kept the frame white, added some cute gingham fabric and a letter that I had found in the package at a thrift store for 50 cents.
Mom likey.

I thought it would be a cute way to add a pop of color to the accent chair I redid for the room, but having the medallion just leaning up against the chair back wasn't doing it for me.  It needed to hang.  Enter my trusty friends, Command Strips:

 I followed the directions on the package, and added them to the back of the chair.  BUT, since the frame would be hanging on the other side of the chair, I needed the hooks for leverage more than hanging.  So, I attached them upside-down.

I looped a cute ribbon through the hanger on the back of the frame, and the tied it in a knot at the height I wanted, making sure to thread the ribbon under the hooks.

From the front: 
A personalized princess chair for my little princess!


  1. Great idea. Love the hook ideas in the back! So sweet~!

  2. Love this idea! Totally copying this someday when I have kids!