Monday, October 18, 2010

New Use For: Baby Food Jars

Happy Monday Gang!
Hope you're all enjoying this wonderful (atypical) October weather!  It's hard to believe that this exact time last year, we were watching it SNOW.
Yesterday we took advantage of the great day and took The Redhead to the pumpkin patch for the first time.
We were lucky to have been joined by our favorite friends, Miss L and Mr. E:

We had a fun time enjoying the Corn Maze, searching for pumpkins and stocking up on fall decorations!

I got home tired, but ready to spend some time updating the front porch. 
In addition to warty pumpkins and cool-colored gourds, I love a little "glow" in my fall decorating. 
It reminds me of fire pits and camping and sitting out in the crisp night air awaiting trick-or-treaters.

This year I took a few large Mason jars and filled them with sand stolen from The Redhead's sand & water table (we were packing it in for the winter.  No, I did not steal her toys.  Yet.).  I dropped in a tealight and nestled it into the sand - instant lantern!
But, I like playing with levels and scale, so when Cool Sister asked if I had any use for some baby food jars, I knew just what I would do, and added them in.

All the differently-sized jars with the same filler also really make a nice statement all grouped together on a tabletop - they would be a perfect centerpiece for one of those last fall nights around the table on the deck with a bottle of wine!

I may keep them grouped inside like this once it snows,  but for now I'll enjoy them as a simple, warm addition to my fall front porch.

And, I suppose I should include someone who was very.put.out. that his photo was not being taken for this pictorial:


  1. Great idea. I have a whole cupboard full of those jars!

  2. Such a good idea! I love candles and this is definitely a cute way to have some!

    P.S-I love your little red head, she's adorable! My fiance has read hair, so maybe I'll have a little red headed girl some day :)

  3. i am so stealing this idea! xoxo malia