Monday, October 11, 2010

Pennant Race

Thanks for hanging in there with me guys!  Last week was killer but I'm back, and I see we've added a couple new followers to the mix - Thank You and WELCOME! On with the show...

Well since my beloved Cardinals are out of the NL pennant race this year, I decided to make some for The Redhead so even if her team can't bring it home, she'll always have a pennant in her corner.  :)

I've been loving the pennant bunting I've been seeing lately, but I'm the first to admit I'm not a sew-er (I didn't want to write "sewer" because that made me think of sewer septic systems.  Yuck.).  Anyhow, I would really love to learn to sew because I was awesome at it in 6th grade Home Economics, but that's pretty much where my formal training ended.  And, I don't have a sewing machine.  So, I gave it my best no-sew try.

I started by choosing coordinating scrapbook paper in the colors I wanted, and cutting it into triangles (these are 3 1/2-inches tall, for reference).

I didn't want one side of each "flag" to be white, so I cut 2 of each and used a simple glue stick to adhere the fronts to the backs.
Hint: once they're glued, stack some books on them for an hour or so - that will help them stay flat, rather than curling... especially if you use too much glue, which I'm prone to do.

Next step was taking my ribbon (mine was 1.5 inches wide.  Anything thinner than this might be harder to work with).  I folded it in half, and ironed it to get a nice seam right down the middle. 

From there, the next two steps are very intricate. [that's sarcasm :) ]  I call them "Shove and Press".  Because that's really all you do.

I took heat-bond adhesive tape, and shoved it into the crease.  Then I spaced out my flags, and shoved 'em in there, too.

Then, I pressed the ribbon with the iron.  Hot iron, no steam, and just go slowly down the ribbon.



  1. Very cute!


  2. Ah you said the magic sew! Awesome that you used the heat n' bond with paper. Didn't realize you could do that! Thanks for another great link up at A Crafty Soiree! Hope to seeing you next time too:)