Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taking "Command" of Hanging Stuff

When I come across products that are handy or genius[or both!] I feel compelled to share the wealth; I know some of the best products I've ever used have come via recommendations from other people [I can't imagine what my life would be like if I'd never taken the suggestion to try Magic Erasers.  Or Goo Gone.  Can you picture a world without them in it?  I can't, and I don't want to.] 

Today I'm talking about my latest obsession:  Command Picture Hanging Strips.

It's from the same manufacturer of our beloved original Command Strips, but rather than a hook, this is uuber-strong velcro used to adhere up to 5 lbs. of whatever to your wall.
That means no nail holes, no flattened thumbs from hammers gone awry, no frustration or scratched-up walls from trying to match up that stupid-picture-hanging-loop-hole-thingy on the backs of frames. 

I recently posted about The "L" [and frame] for Miss L's walls.  The Picture Hanging Strips [CPHS's] made this process a breeze.  This was truly a tool-free mount - we used a level and a pencil to mark our spots and that was it.

I wrote the post thinking people would be way more interested in seeing what the project looked like, rather than "how to hang a picture frame". 
That's what I thought, anyway, until I received an email that afternoon from Mr.V.:

"Where's the love? How did you hang L's frame? You need to let people in on these little velcro options so they don't ruin walls.... "

Now first and foremost, this is clearly a cry for attention. DareIsay someone wants a shout-out? Yes, dear. Your help has been integral on many a project. And you were the one who discovered the Command Picture Hangers in the first place.

I hope the rest of blogland will join me in a collective high-five and "atta-boy" butt-swat for Mr.V. and his exceptional handyman skillz. Exceptional. :)

But, he's right.  They are strong.  And the do save your walls.  And they don't scratch or peel the surface when you remove them [no touch-up painting when you change your mind!  Yay!]. 
And they are embarrassingly easy to use.  [It really is as easy as the directions on the package make it seem].  Because I am impatient the only thing I wish they didn't need was the hour you're supposed to let the strips sit on the wall before you stick on whatever it is you're hanging.  But other than that, it just can't get any easier.
In addition to Miss L's room at Cool Sister's house, you can find them hanging stuff all over my home, too.

My laundry room...
Holding up The Redhead's Magnet Board...
and that's just a sampling.  

Got a project you've used the CPHS's for?  Link up and share!

* Note: I was not compensated in any way for the content of this post.  I just write about stuff I like, yo. 
HOWEVER, 3M? Um, if you're reading, call me. :)

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