Monday, November 8, 2010

A Dandy Chandy

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My mother has fantastic taste.  She is the one who always taught me to look for things with timeless appeal - whether it was furniture,  home accessories, fashion, or a hairstyle.  Trends would come and go, but if you've chosen wisely, you won't have to break the bank to keep your look (whatever it is) current.

Case in point is Mom's dining room chandelier.  She's had it for many years, looking beautiful in any light or for any event, thanks to following her own advice.

It's the perfect size for the space (her dining room, not the back of my vehicle), and it's a great classic shape with beautiful lines.

It's also brass, and after oh, a decade or so.... needed a little updating.
(I am calling it now, though - even though we're all "OMG, better change that brass, stat!" right now, mark my words, we're going to see a brass resurgence here in the next 5 years.  And when that happens, come back and tell me how awesome I am, m'kay? ;) )


I gave it a good cleaning to make sure it was dust-free, then taped off everything that would not be ending up the new color.  I gave it a coat of spray primer, then let it sit overnight.

After priming, I gave it another once-over with a very lightly damp cloth, again just to make sure we weren't going to be painting dust particles into the finish.

Next, it was as simple as two coats of oil-rubbed bronze (ORB) paint (leaving at least 24 hours in between coats), and this chandy has a whole new look!

Once again,


I love it!
Mom added the nice touch of beaded garland to tie the room together and I thought it was the perfect little bit of fall.
She also added this great architectural feature:

For about $20 at Lowe's (or any hardware store, really) you can buy these ready-to-paint ceiling medallions. It's a SUPER simple way to add some detail and depth to an otherwise plain ceiling.

Can't wait to see how the "new" light looks all accessorized with our Thanksgiving dinner! :)


  1. Paint...the most powerful transformer! :) It looks great!!!

    And I REALLY hope your wrong about brass! I just finished getting rid of all it in my house! LOL

  2. Looks great! Black is classic. I'm searching for a large chandelier, and hoping to find one secondhand and very cheap!

  3. What a huge transformation! It's awesome. It really brings out the beauty in the chandelier (: Classic, elegant and chic!

  4. Hi I am a new follower. We seem to have the same kind of project ideas. Hope to see more of your stuff soon. Thanks

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  6. Wow! That chandelier looks awesome!

    I just found you blog on the Boost my Blog Friday blog hop. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Amanda @

  7. You were right, brass is back, 2k16