Monday, November 29, 2010

Dollar Store Stars

Welcome back everyone!  Are you exhausted and reveling in your Black Friday Bargains? 
I thought of many of you as I lazily read the paper, sipped a hot cup of coffee and shopped online.  :)
Hope you found some great deals!

Even if it wasn't a super-amazing-black-friday-deal, today's project definitely falls into the "bargain" category!
It had been a while since I'd stopped into the Dollar Store to see what was popping up for the holidays. 

I was immediately drawn to these stars, which is weird.  I mean, Santa (no offense, bro) is certainly festive and all, but totally not my style.

But, the stars' overall shape reminded me of nice barn stars, and they were metal, not plastic, so I thought they had some potential.  And I liked the twine hanging loops already on them - I wouldn't have to add/change those, which was nice.

So, I bought 3. 
Sorry, Santa, but you're getting a makeover.

This project went so fast, I didn't even take "during" pictures - it's that simple.
1) I wiped down the stars and gave them a quick coat of bronze spraypaint to cover up Mr. Claus.
2) Once dried and cured, I took one star and gave the front side a cover of spray adhesive.
3) I stuck burlap to the adhesive (it dries sooo fast!)
4) I trimmed around the burlap edges, tucked them under the sides and adhered with hot glue.

And now, my Nativity has a nice north star for their "manger". 
Mary and Joseph are super thrilled, can't you tell? :)

Step 5 is optional, but I covered the back of the star with brown kraft paper to cover up my handiwork.  I like a finished edge, people.

I also just tucked the twine hanging loop down behind this star - I didn't want to cut it off in case I'd like to hang the star somewhere else later on. 
I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm a fickle decorator. :)

I opted not to cover the other two stars in burlap for now, because I have another [potential] project in mind.  But I like how this one turned out so much, they may just have the same fate!



  1. I was at the dollar tree earlier today wondering what I could do with those stars. Now I'll have to go back and buy a few. Thanks for the great inspiration!!

  2. aaah THANK YOU, i am going to have to try this:) So beautiful!!!

  3. Classy! No, seriously. I really think it is. Folk Art Santa had to GO.
    I'm going to scope out the scene at the dollar store tomorrow!

  4. Love the transformation! Love it!

    Stop by and see me sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal! I made glittery monogram ornaments this week.

  5. Spray paint I might of thought of, but NOT covering it with burlap! :-( Very creative idea. Thanks for sharing... Dollar Store here I come! I'm joining up to "Follow"... it would be so sweet if you share the love on my blog as well. HUGS!

  6. Classy redo of a dollar store trinket! Very well done

  7. ooh, I love your version much better! I need to better attention to the potential to often over-looked items like that! well done!

    Cheers from the Centsational Girl Holiday Craft Party!


  8. 1000% better than the original. Thanks for the inspiration. I will be looking for something like this on clearance after the holidays so I can do it next year.

  9. Fantastic idea. Will have to check out local dollar store and look for stars!!