Saturday, November 20, 2010

Simplifying the Holidays, One Step at a Time

So, the holidays are here.  Like RIGHT.NOW.HERE.

I started making my lists for all our holiday gatherings (because that's what freaky list-loving people like me do)
and all the ancillary things I need to do between now and December 23rd to make December 24th & 25th as relaxing as possible.

Up toward the top of that "other" list that's making me hyperventilate is Christmas Cards.
And here's the thing - I love them, I do.

I love sending them, I love receiving them, I love admiring those friends and family members who really go for it and write the official Christmas letter.
I love how family friends of ours, rather than writing up a big braggy list of accomplishments for the year, turn their "Newsletter" into a photo essay [with awesome captions] of their family's year in review.  And it never disappoints: it's hilarious.

Photos of the year are my favorite way to do Christmas Cards.

In years past I've toiled over Photoshop [or one of a thousand other photo-editing sites/software] for many evenings, choosing the photos from the past 12 months that best represent our year.  THEN coming up with a color scheme or theme and arranging, arranging, arranging.  Then starting over and designing again.
 This year I just don't have the time.  I have these:

So, I'm simplifying.  Instead of spending hours at the computer designing Christmas Cards, I'm enlisting the help of our friend Shutterfly.

I was browsing their latest design offerings, and I was shocked at how many cool new designs they have.  And they're designed - not the cookie-cutter "I chose this holiday greeting when I got my photos developed just like 9 million other people" look.

Check them out for yourself:

Um, and they have matching address labels.  SOLD.

So basically, Shutterfly is saving me hours of time that I can use to wrap presents.
Or make treats for our neighbors.
Or pffft, who am I kidding?  Cozy up on the couch with Mr.V. and a glass of wine! :)
And I'll still have cute cards to send to the people we love.

And that's how the blogger simplified Christmas.


*Disclaimer:  On the V Side is not affiliated with Shutterfly. 

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