Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Holiday Favorites: The Lovechild

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Onto today's post..
This season we've seen a lot of love for the DIY pinecone wreath, which I think is beautiful, an easy natural element, and a total classic.

[pinecone wreath by V and Co.]

and every year there is much lusting after the Ballard Designs evergreen alphabet wreath
[Ballard Designs Spruce Alphabet Wreath]

...and with good reason - it's a cool idea!

BUT, save the Christmas Tree and a couple wreaths outside, I've never been a huge evergreen fan.  I loved the idea of hanging a nice "V" (you guys know how I love a monogram! ), but the pinecone wreath is way more my style.
SO, I give you their lovechild.  :)

I started out with my favorite merry assistants, Big E & Miss L.
[seriously, people, how good looking are these two???]

I bribed asked them to collect a few pinecones for their favorite Aunt Em with the promise of a donation to their Disney trip fund because they love me.  And they did.
E said
"They were sticky."  [sap, I guess?]
L said
"I got the little ones and I told E he was going to be in trouble because he GOT DIRTY"

But they came through and brought over a great haul.

While the kids were on the great pinecone hunt of 2010, I cut out a simple "V" from foam core.  I just drew the V freehand because I wanted a simple shape, but if there is a specific font you want, just blow up your letter to the right size and trace it.

I gave my V a quick spray of dark brown paint, to help disguise the foam through the pinecones.

Once it dried, I heated up ye olde hot glue gun and got to work.

I really didn't have a pattern, rhyme or reason... my "process" was simply add a glob of hot glue to the pinecone butt and stick.  Rinse and repeat.

When the V was covered, I needed to cover the edges because well, they weren't 'finished' and it looked crappy.  So, I broke off the "petals" of a pinecone, and just glued them to the edges to hide all the rough foam edges and my handiwork.

I decided to hang my Alphabet "wreath" on the back of my front door - why should the front of the door have all the fun? :)
I added a coppery gold ribbon and an empty frame to give it some depth.  I hung everything using Command Picture Hangers ('cause you KNOW I love 'em!) and a commend hook, so nothing is permanent and when the holidays are over, you'll never know anything was there.

The finished product:

(Sorry for these terrible last two pics... I took them at night when The Redhead was in bed, so my bad for their total crappiness)

This was seriously one of the easiest projects, and it cost me $0.  I had everything on-hand already except for the pinecones, which Mother Nature [and my peeps] kindly provided.  I finished everything from beginning to end within ONE of The Redhead's afternoon naps, which are about 2 hours. SO do-able.

So head on out to your backyard or to the park, snag some pinecones and get to work! :)

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  1. Nicely done - it can stay up all fall - and even into the winter.

  2. I love this idea... I've been thinking of making a wreath fo my front door for some time now and I think this is a winner plus I just picked up a couple of bags of pinecones from the Dollar Tree so this project was meant for me! :) I'm your newest follower...

  3. a) OMG your kids are stinkin' adorable!!!!!!!!!!

    b) OMG your wreath is stinkin' adorable!!!!!!!!!!

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths