Friday, December 3, 2010

The Easiest (and Cheapest!) Custom Ornaments You'll Ever Make

Sometimes holiday decorating can be tough.
You know what you want and can see it perfectly in your head, but apparently, stores can't read my mind. [And wow.  Maybe it's better that way].
But it gets frustrating when you know you want a specific look or color, and can't find it anywhere.  Or you CAN find it, but you have to sell your firstborn to pay for it.
No need anymore. :)

I stopped by Hobby Lobby and picked up a box of these clear glass ball ornaments. 

At full price they're a great deal ($3.99 for a dozen!), so you can imagine my delight finding them 50% off on a HobLob Super-Sale!
They're actually a decent-quality glass, too, which was a pleasant surprise for the price.

These are the easiest thing in the world to customize. 
I chose simple metallic paint, but this would be a SUPER easy project to create custom color schemes, do a classic black and white, team colors, etc.

Get ready, because you could blink and this tutorial might be over:
1) Remove metal lid and hangy-thing from ornament
2) Place spray paint nozzle directly over ornament opening.

3) Spray.
4) Swirl paint around until you get your desired effect.
5) Let dry (this will typically take overnight to dry fully.  Depending on how much paint you use, maybe longer)

You can swish the paint around to cover the entire inside of the ornament if you'd like, but I also like the look of just partially-covered glass.

Finished product:

Or, try your hand at mixing colors together (this can get tricky, though - just make sure the first color is completely dry before adding the 2nd!))
OR, forego the paint and fill your ornaments with Glitter (oooh, sparkly!) in your desired colors.
Or feathers!
Or beads!
Or ribbon!

Ultimately, the greatest part of this project is that not only do you end up with ornaments that custom-compliment your tree design or home decor, but because the decoration is on the inside, you don't have to worry about paint scratching off or cleaning up glitter from every surface imaginable.
Oh, and from start to finish the entire thing takes about 7 seconds.  Totally my style. :)

The possibilities with these little guys are endless, so let your imagination go... and if you don't like the end result, you're not out but a couple bucks.

Happy Crafting!


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