Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Card Holder

Each year we get so many lovely Christmas cards from friends and family, and I used to just set them in a pretty basket or dish for people to peruse.  But with so many people doing photo cards, lately I feel like everyone is just too adorable and they need to be showed off a little  (as George Costanza would say, "You're sooooooo good lookin'!") :)
So each year I try and think of a new way to display them.  I've put them on my mantle, hung them on a "clothesline", and for the last couple years I've used this photo holder:

[Photo: Pottery Barn]

It's nice, but since I only use it at the holidays, I don't want to put holes in my wall to hang it, and the wire is too thin for command strips.  And I don't really want to lean it against the wall - with this

and this

running around, it's kind of begging for the destruction of cards.

So this year I took a variation on a theme from a couple previous projects and made a card holder that I could mount with command strips, that could keep the cards out of reach for the shortys but still display them nicely.

I started with an open frame.  When I got the frame for The Redhead's Magnet Board, I was lucky enough to stumble across two for the same clearance deal. 
This one has been shoved behind my dresser for about 2 years now.

The rest is SUPER simple - I heated up Gracie the Glue Gun, and hot-glued
some burlap ribbon and twine across the back. 

I used hot glue because it is strong enough to hold the cards, but it's easy to peel off without a problem if/when I decide to repurpose the frame for a future project.

After everything dried, I slapped some Command Picture Hangers on the back and stuck it on the wall. 
(Darn you lack of natural light! Grrr)

I just used simple wooden clothes pins to clip my cards to the ribbon.  I've been debating about painting the clothes pins black, but for now I think I'll stick with the natural.

Hey, who are these handsome kids? :)

How are you displaying your holiday cards this year?



  1. Fabulous idea! (I had to show my family your dog..)Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Emily-- Love the bulap and the twine... ( -: