Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Stress Relief

Feeling overwhelmed by the holidays? 
Too much baking/card addressing/gift buying/gift wrapping and not enough time? 
Don't stress. 
Take a breather.

For some comic relief, take a look at what life is really like On the V Side.

*     *     *

Actual conversation that happened in my house over Saturday morning breakfast:

Mr. V:  "I had a dream last night.  Well, maybe this was real.  I had a dream last night that I farted, and my butt was talking."

Me:  :: blink ::  ::blink ::
"What do you mean?"

Mr. V.: "Like, I would pass gas and my butt would say something"

Me: "So... what did your butt ...say?"

Mr. V.: "Well, it would just yell stuff like a quarterback.  Like "Blue 42! Blue 42!" and stuff like that.

Me:  "Pass the salt, please."

*     *     *

The Redhead was sick for a few days recently.  But even when she looked like this:

She could still rock out a "Superstar!" with gusto.

Even when on the mend,
my baby worked that bedhead.  ::two snaps::  :)

She will hate me for this when she's older.

BUT, did it work?  Feeling just a smidge more relaxed?

Good!  Now pour yourself a glass of wine before marching back into that kitchen. :)


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  1. Great post! This cracked me up. :) Thanks so much for your comment on the blog...praying for guidance for you. And you know this...sometimes it's not so much about one specific plan, but including Him in our plan. :) Hope you guys have such a Merry Christmas!! -shaunna :)