Monday, December 13, 2010

Ice is Nice: Outdoor Wreath

It's winter in the Midwest.  And surprise, surprise, it's cold.
But rather than spend my time complaining about the wind chill or the ice or the snow (Mr.V., I'm looking in your general direction here), I say embrace it.
Admire the beauty that Mother Nature gives us along with those cold temperatures, and above all, make it work for you!
With that in mind, I give you the easiest outdoor wreath ev-ar.

Start with a simple bundt pan.
If you don't have one, check your local thrift store.  I see at least 2 of these every time I'm at Goodwill.

Take whatever you'd like to be the "filler" for your wreath. 
I found cranberries on sale at the grocery store around Thanksgiving for 99-cents a bag, so I picked up a couple and tossed them in the freezer until a good project like this one came along. :)

I threw in my cranberries and added a few branches clipped from the cypress in our front yard.  Anything natural looks especially nice: acorns and pinecones with some evergreen tossed in for color, holly leaves and berries, mistletoe or juniper berries... you get the picture. 
You can also do non-natural elements (ornaments, ribbon, etc., but in my experience the cleanup with those ends up being more effort than I care to spend. So, take that for what it's worth).

 Fill the pan with about an inch or so of water.  What you put in there will most likely float, so by freezing layers you keep most of the "bling" toward the front where the colors will show through most vibrantly.

(And remind me later to ask Mr. V. why we can't seem to close boxes of frozen waffles.  Or why in the world I have root feeder...  In my freezer.  Oy.)

 Add water over the frozen layer, then get it back into the freezer before the 1st layer starts to melt.

When your stuff is frozen solid and you have appopriately freezing temperatures outside, take the pan out and allow it to thaw juuust enough so your ice ring slides out.

Tie a pretty ribbon around your ring and Voila!  A [virtually] free and easy wreath to brighten your view on a wintry day. 

And when it warms up, I'll just let it melt, remove the ribbon and leave the cranberries for the birds.
For now, the "wildlife" seems to enjoy it. :)

And it's pretty at night, too.  The [not so great] photo doesn't capture it, but the Christmas lights make it sparkle.

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  1. I tore some of these out of magazines last year (I think...) But haven't gotten around to doing it. Glad I read your tip on freezing in layers! And I love the wild life photo! :)


  2. Wow this is so cool! Unfortunately I live in Australia and it is Summer here, and even in winter it wouldn't get cold enough for this, but I love it! I have made something similar to keep drinks cool in a punch- so maybe I could still do it, but for a different reason.

  3. I love this! I featured it on my site today! Come grab my NEW button - it's so pretty! :) Hope you have a blessed day!


  4. Hello again! Thanks so much for linking up at saturday Mornings! You were featured today so make sure to come check it out and get you button! Congrats and happy holidays! Love your blog!