Monday, December 27, 2010

The No Spend/Low Spend Christmas Table

Hey all!  I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas with family and friends - I know I did!

This year my sister was the holiday hostess with the mostess for the first time!  Everything turned out beautifully.  Since Christmas is a BIG holiday to handle hosting duties, what with all the cooking and the timing and such, I jumped on board to play Vice-President of hosting to give her a hand.
While she and my mom worked on the bird, I turned my attention to our table.

I wanted something beautiful, but accessible, but not over-the-top, and definitely budget-friendly.  
With some thoughtful "shopping of the house" and good old-fashioned sharing, this entire table setup cost a grand total of about $8.
No, seriously.  :)
Because we all know it doesn't have to be expensive (even though it may look like it is! :) )
to be beautiful!
Here's the breakdown:
- The tablecloth:
I purchased a few of these for Thanksgiving last year and they've been great.  Easy to wash, minimal pressing required, and white is so simple and crisp

- The runner:
Cool sister had this one hiding out in her stash and had used it for an earlier holiday get-together at her home.
It was the perfect shade of green.

- The Candlesticks and taper candles I bought at the beginning of the summer to use for an anniversary party we threw.
I wanted similar shapes, but not "matchy-matchy".  And different heights, too.
 They looked like this when I brought them home from the thrift store (at $4 or so for the lot):

And after a couple coats of glossy black paint:
So simple.  So cute!

The classic white dinnerware, flatware and beautiful stemware already belonged to my sister.
The simple black napkins my mom has had for years, and the beaded chargers have made appearances at many events and holidays in the past.

This is a great example of why I will never own everyday dinnerware that isn't white. 
Nothing beats the classic simplicity of a white plate, it never goes out of style and you can always, always "dress" it to suit your occassion.

My sister has these simple glass bowls, which we filled with a variety of evergreen.  
That's where our "major" ;) expense came in - she bought a bunch of evergreen at the grocery store and we just trimmed and arranged.  This could easily have come from pines outside... but people, it was COLD! :)  
We used the ornaments as placecard holders, and added the extras to the evergreen to tie everything together.

We used a similar setup for the secondary table (some will call it the "kids" table... we call it the "Outlaw" table.  Or  "The Refuge" :) )
 Leftover evergreen, a few ornaments, and pinecones for our placecards.  And a couple fun plates for our little peeps.

So am I a little biased?  Well sure. 
But I don't think 8 bucks ever looked so good. :)



  1. Looks elegant and fun. Cool Sister sounds... cool! Happiest of New Year's to you.. Malia

  2. Love your table! I really HAVE to try the painted candlesticks...beautiful!

  3. Beautiful!!! Love what you created with what you had! And the ornaments as placecard holders - what a great idea!! You did a fantastic job. :)

  4. Such gorgeous table decorations. I am very impressed with it. I have just reserved the garden themed Chicago event space for my sister’s baby shower and I would tell them to do such cute table decorations for that. If you have more room décor ideas, please share.