Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Redhead's Christmas Dickey.

I guess it was my fault.
But in a smidge of my defense... Mr.V. is the one who actually dressed her.

Christmas morning, I left when The Redhead was going down for her morning nap, and popped over to Cool Sister's house (about 6 blocks away) to help get things ready for the day.
I had laid out her entire outfit... from the dress to the tights to the shoes, even the hair bow.
It was a fail-safe plan....  I thought.

Mr. V. and the kiddo showed up after naptime, and she looked adorable:

She was rested and happy and aside from a little bedhead, she looked like a little Christmas pixie.
But something wasn't quite right...

She kept itching her tummy. 
Then my mom noticed a bulge in the front of her dress.
Grandma investigated and....

Yep.  I had remembered to cut out the tags from her dress, but failed to clip the diaper cover that was hanging inside the dress.
(that's my mother holding The Redhead, howling with laughter)

Would anyone believe me if I said the dress came with a built-in bib?
So, I'm *that* mom.  That imperfect, which-way-is-up parent who only halfway succeeds at presenting the perfect image, and "perfect" child.

Oh well...
From here on out we will always have
"The Tale of the Christmas Dickey" to share for generations to come.
And THAT, my friends, is Perfect.  :)


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  1. OMIGOSH - that is hillarious - I don't know why Gap does their bloomers like that - i also did this once, but not on Christmas morning and it was found out within about 2 minutes :) Such a great story!