Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wrapping Wine Gifts

'Tis the season for holiday parties, and subsequently the search for the right hostess gift.
 And according to Emily Post, Oprah and my Mom
(all good authority on hosting and gifting, I think),
"never show up to a party empty-handed".

For me, the general fail-safe gift is a nice bottle of wine.  Obviously there are situations where this wouldn't be an appropriate gift, but generally it's an easy solution. 
And even if your hosts are not big wine drinkers, if they are entertainers they will appreciate having a bottle to serve if needed. 
Typically hosts have already selected wine for their parties, so the bottle you bring is something nice for them to enjoy for themselves in the future.

I love wine as a gift (to give and receive, ha!) but its unique shape can present a challenge if you're like me and like to give gifts wrapped with a little extra "zing". 
I say embrace the bottle! (literally!  Then wrap it! :) )  Why hide its telltale shape in a random lame gift bag?

Here are just a few ways to give your hostess gift some extra flair this season:

1) Use a scarf or fabric.
Everyone has random scarves we bought/received years ago and haven't gotten rid of, or pieces of fabric in a stash somewhere just waiting for a project. Using materials like this will help you create a wrapped gift that's prettier and far cheaper than a $2.99 gift bag.

Take a square of your fabric, and place the bottle in the center. 

Pull 2 opposite ends to the top of the bottle and tie in a knot.

Then, you'll take the two leftover ends, wrap around the bottle and tie on the side.  I like to tie a gift tag into this knot. 

If you have a sheer scarf like this one, adding a layer of mylar (you can buy it in sheets at party stores for super cheap) in silver or gold underneath really adds a beautiful element peeking through the fabric.
A cute, sparkly ornament is also a great touch.

2) Use scrapbook paper or wrapping paper to create your own unique wrap.
Who says you have to disguise the bottle?  Just cover the labels for a surprise for the host. 

You can mix and match with different layers, ribbon and textures, just make sure the recipient can still get to the label (i.e. don't remove the label or adhere your wrap directly to the original label) so they can find out what they're sipping, later.

3) Let someone else do the work for you :)
This year, the folks at Better Homes and Gardens are offering printable wine bottle wrappers in 4 designs that you can download for FREE

[photo: BHG]

 Click HERE to get yours.
[they also have cool Hanukkah-themed labels available.  Those are HERE]

Just choose which design you like, print 'em out, and wrap around your bottle.  They've even included a "To: / From: " space for you. 

These are cute, and easy to dress up with some coordinating ribbon. Add a jingle bell for some bling and you're in business!

Have some fun as you head off to the next holiday party!

Cheers (really! ;) ),


  1. What great ideas! I'm just sorry I didn't see this sooner, I would have totally done the scrapbook paper, beautiful ribbon idea! I'd love for you to link this up to my party this week! Hope you can make it! :)

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