Friday, January 21, 2011

Now That it's Organized... Let's Decorate

Remember this buffet that was so embarrassingly messy?


Not sure why I subjected myself to that "before" picture again. 
That gives me hives.
Anyway.  Once I wasn't distracted by all the clutter in and around it, I couldn't stop staring at it.
Not because it was gloriously organized (ok, but it kind of is ;) ), but because without all the junk shoved all over it, I realized it was missing...  Something. 

I love that wreath, but had hung it there originally because it was more in line with the shelf up above. 
It didn't bother me before, but it bothers me now. 
I needed something of substance on that wall. 
Something to give it another layer in that great open space on that giant wall.

My oldest friend's mom had a chalkboard hanging in their kitchen, and every time I was over there, we were always writing notes to her family, or making our "mark" there.  Her mom liked it - she said it was evidence that the house was "lived" in.  I liked that.
I decided this would be the perfect place for a chalkboard of my own.
But I'm fickle and needed to decide if I was reeeeaaallly going to love it there.

So I taped off a general area, and we lived with this for a couple weeks.
Mr. V. thought I was nuts with my "imaginary decorating".

But, I decided YES!  That's IT!

I was all set to make a chalkboard on my own on the
cheap (nice piece of MDF cut to size by my friends at the hardware store, a couple coats of chalkboard paint and some trim. 
Paint, dry and hang.  Done.)
For about $12, I could build a nice-looking little jobby-job here.

BUT,  then I found this
The perfect size.  Solid wood trim.  For $13.


I'm all about DIY, but the primary reason for doing so, other than enjoying it, is to save money.
Buying this guy saved me money AND time, which is darn-near priceless these days.

So I snatched him up and took him home to see how he fared over the buffet.

(PS do you LOVE the silhouette of The Redhead?  That was a Christmas gift from Cool Sister and I.Love.It.  So perfect.)

From there all I needed was a couple coats of Navajo White and some Command Picture Hangers to finish the deal.


And once again, because I was taking pictures at night, the color is a little washed and tough to see here..
but it's actually a really lovely, creamy white that contrasts nicely with the warm taupe on the walls. 

And now I don't get that weird twitch when I walk by this space anymore.
Life is Good, Indeed. :)



  1. love it and I am ALL about buying when it is cheap and not doing the work! The area looks great!

  2. Nice! Looks like a great spot for it. I was into the chalkboard thing this week too.

  3. Love chalkboards anywhere!!
    Yours looks great above your cabinet!