Friday, January 14, 2011

The Paperwhites.

Happy Friday!

I received a couple emails earlier in the week from folks asking about the paperwhites I have growing in a glass hurricane on my mantle.
And I'm not surprised.
When it looks like this outside:

Having something like this inside:
makes it feel a little less cold and barren.

I'm a huge fan of spring flowers, but I haven't come across many
that appeal to me visually that also bloom in the winter.
So, when I received these paperwhites as a Christmas gift, I was excited.
They came in a cute little galvanized bucket
(and I of course forgot to take a photo)
which I saved for a future use. 
I went ahead and planted a few in my hurricane, which I thought would work
well because of its height, and also with the insane amount of light that comes through the windows over the mantle.
I added some rocks to the bottom to help the soil drain.

These bulbs grew so fast I couldn't believe it!
(the difference between these two pictures is about 4 days. Seriously!)

I received two buckets as gifts (with 3 bulbs apiece).
I loved them so much that I went to Target and was able to pick up a similar kit
with 4 bulbs for about $5, which was awesome.

I took the leftover bulbs and added them to a crisp white
footed bowl for my kitchen table.

I added rocks to the top of this guy for some decorative interest.

Since the bowl is pretty shallow, I wasn't too worried about drainage/overwatering.

And here they are today:
Well, I should say "as of last weekend", because as of today, these babies have beautiful white flowers budding everywhere and they smell great!

 A little touch of spring in the middle of

 A couple tips with paperwhites:

As they grow taller, they'll want to flop over to one side or the other.
- You can combat this by planting them in a taller,
narrower vessel so they don't have much room to lean.
- Also, you can tie string around the stems to keep them upright. 
You can see in the hurricane I have a piece of twine tied around them to keep them steady.
- Paperwhites love the sunlight, and they will lean toward the light.
So, pretty much each day, rotate them so they're not pulled in just one direction.

Happy Planting!


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