Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So, I don't really "do" resolutions. 
I always seem to start strong, then fizzle, and by June I'm thinking "what was I thinking?"
So this year I'm not making a page-long list of things I want to acomplish this year.
I'm simply resolving to follow-through.  To finish.  No matter what it is I say I'm going to do, I just want it complete.  No more projects hanging in the wind, waiting for that one last step. 
No more "someday projects" sitting on lists for more than 12 months.
No more blog posts written just waiting for photos. (hee).

So.  I resolve to have... some, well, RESOLVE.

No excuses.  Santa brought me this awesomeness (The Martha Stewart version, no less. Squee!):

So no complaining about things I want done "but I can't....." or "I don't have the tools to...."  because now I do and I'm learning.
So folks, we're gettin' organized in these here parts.  :)

Number 1 on my list is taking care of this buffet in my kitchen.
(please excuse the terrible and super old picture from when we first moved in)

It's simple. It's pretty. (no really.  It is.  Trust me. :) )  And it's functional and I love it.
But it. Is. MESSY.

Like, I'm embarrassed to show you, messy.  But here goes:

The surface has become a catch-all for everything.
And... this is on a good day.
Yes, that's my cool new sewing machine hanging out there. 
And The Redhead's pink shoes.
And an open bottle of wine (OK, that's not bad :) ).
And a leftover Christmas candle and I have no idea what those red beady things are doing in that vase. 
But there you go.

And here's the reeeaaallly embarrassing part:


When I opened the doors to take this picture, that bag of crayons just fell out.
Like, leapt off the shelf at me.
And I totally left it there even though I was dying to remove
it for the picture so you wouldn't think I'm a slob. 
But I'm just keepin' it real, Yo.

I started by making a list of what I'd like to house in the unit.
- dinner placemats
- matches (for kitchen candles)
- misc office supplies that I use in the kitchen a lot, like paper clips.

- kitchen decor that rotates with the season (minimal - just some rogue apples and pomegranates, and vase fillers)
-kitchen candles (I'm kind of obsessed)
- bar tools
- crayons and coloring books

Then, I took EVERYTHING out and if it wasn't what needed
to be stored there, it found another home.
Not, "I just moved it to another room", but like,
"I found it another place to live for all eternity." 
Or until I get another organizational bug up my rear. 
But whatever.

A few Dollar Store bins later, and I'm breathing a sigh of relief.

(don't mind that hole in the back of the buffet.  That's because my 'buffet' is actually a media center... but I don't play by the rules, man. )

NOW, if only someone would get off their duff and wipe the fingerprints off that drawer before taking pictures... ;)



  1. love the redo - it looks great. I also like the entertainment center as a buffet - good idea... :)
    I am hoping to maybe get my sewing machine that I got cough -three years ago -cough out this year !;)

  2. I feel the same way about resolutions. I like the idea of your year long to do list. No pressure to complete a certain project right now...just when you feel ready. My buffet is looking the same as your "before" picture. Thanks for the inspiration to begin!