Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Stained Glass" Hearts

I feel about decorating for Valentine's Day the same way I feel about decorating for Halloween.
Um, generally I don't do it. 
The Redhead is young enough that she doesn't know what Valentine's Day is all about, but the girl is serious about her shapes.
 And with V-Day approaching, you can hear her sweet little voice shouting
"Heart!  Heart!  There, Mommy! Heart!" in every. store. we visit.
So I felt like I would be a totally Valentine's jerk if I didn't do something.

Enter Martha, stage left, to the rescue.

I saw these in her magazine a few years ago, and made them as decor for a Valentine's dinner I cooked Mr.V. when we were dating (On the real, that dinner had  to be decorated nicely.  SOMETHING had to distract him from the food. ;) )

The hearts are super easy to make, they actually look quite pretty, and it's totally something you could do with kids (maybe age 4 and up).

Start with a sheet of wax paper. Lay flat.
(note: it helps if you put a paper bag underneath this first sheet of paper.  Once you start ironing, you'll be glad you did)
Over the paper, choose your colors, grab a pencil sharpener and start sharpening so that the shavings fall on the paper.

[image: martha stewart living]

I chose the classic reds and pinks with a little tangerine for accent.
And a warning:  less is more when it comes to the crayon shavings. 
Too much and you get melted crayon all over your iron.  Not that I know that by experience or anything.  ;)
When you've got your shavings, place a second piece of wax paper over top, and gently press with a warm iron (no steam!).

The wax will melt and bind the papers together.
Let cool.

[image: martha stewart living]
Once cool, cut out your hearts from the paper, and hang with pretty ribbon or fishing line to create your own "stained glass" look for Valentine's day!


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  1. Emily - you rock!

    I'm a commercial interior designer in Dallas and am always looking for inexpensive ways to upgrade my decor. When friends come over they expect the designer's house to be perfect...as if! Who has the time or money for that?

    Love your projects, but love your goofy sense of humor even more. I'm proud to be a new subscriber!


  2. Hey Frances!
    Thanks so much for the compliments - I'm inclined to believe that YOU rock! :)

    So glad to have you here!


  3. I seen this idea some where and saved it thinking I could do this with my kids and completly forgot about!!! ooooh so glad you posted this!! Thanks for the tips..and the unplanned reminder!! Love me some blog hops!
    p.s.-Martha don't live here either...I write as Im seriously watching her on tv lol

  4. Beautiful!! I remember this Martha craft and always meant to do it with my own daughters -- guess what we'll be up to this afternoon! ; )
    Thank you!!

  5. Would love for you to join us at the Hugs and Kisses Valentine's Party!

  6. I love this idea. I am going to do it next week for the kids (rather they are gonna do it) Thanks for the info!