Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Reason to Celebrate Today

So really, who cares about Valentine's Day when you know

Mr. E. is one of my very favorite helpers.

Scratch that.
He's one of my favorite PEOPLE.

He is ridiculously good-looking, and way, WAY smart.
And he will also OWN you on the Wii.

E once lost a tooth while in the outfield during a little league game.
Freak out?  Nope.  He just whipped a ziploc baggie out of his uniform pocket that he'd brought along "just in case".
This is my kind of kid.

The Redhead adores E. 
Like, serious Hero Worship.

AND, he is 8 years old today.
So while I cry because I'm getting
old and gnarly and E. is a handsome young man, 
wish this kiddo a Happy Birthday because he is Awesome, m'kay?

Happy Birthday!


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