Monday, February 21, 2011

Dude... I can Sew!

Check it, peeps:

I did that.  Mmmm-HMMMM.  For real.

Me and my trusty Martha
It's my first "real" (i.e. not practicing on scraps) venture into sewing since I got the old girl.
But we're BFFs now, and it's so. ON.

The pillow fabric is one I'm considering for The Redhead's playroom when we finish the basement...finishing.
It's actually a small tablecloth I found on clearance at Target some time ago, for $3.98. 
I love the green, and even though the circles are a little more mod than I typically go, I think it's fun.
I didn't sew my finger to the cover, and the seams are, as far as I can tell, straight - Success!!
If I don't screw anything up, there is enough fabric left over for a 2nd cover.  WOOT

We spent our weekend finishing up the priming in the basement, and painting the ceiling in the living space.
We used this stuff from Lowe's for the ceiling, and it made the process pretty slick:
The paint goes on kind of a lilac color, then dries white.  It was sooo helpful keeping us on track so Mr. V. and I didn't overlap sections, and gave us a very clear look at what we had painted already.
When you're painting white paint over white primer, it's tough to see what you've already done vs. where you're going, and this helped us out a ton.  It definitely made us more efficient painters.

I also liked that it coated very evenly.  We'll see when we check it tonight, but if it dries as well as it looked when we finished last night, we may only need one coat which would be fantastic.

We got word from our carpenter that the woodwork for the entertainment center and bar (see the plans here) is nearly complete, and he's hoping to have the stain and finish done by the end of the week.

Why is that important?

Well, that means installation could come as early as next week!
So, guess who is missing The Bachelor [don't judge me] tonight in favor of some good old-fashioned wall-paintin'?
This Girl!

 Happy Monday, folks



  1. Hey Hey....great job lining up your dots/circles on your pillow, especially since directional prints can be frustrating to get straight! WooHoo! :) Also, thx for sharing about your ceilings. We moved into a house with blue (yes, really) ceilings. I've been too fearful to tackly painting them myself, but now I may just give it a whirl! Great blog!