Friday, February 18, 2011

Hodge Podge Post

Hey gang, it's Friday!
Woo-to-the-HOO, people! :)
Lots to do this weekend, and never enough time in the day (doesn't it always seem that way?)

So, the drywall is complete in the basement, which is a major "YESSSS!" for the Family V.

So now that the major work is done, Mr. V. and I have spent our evenings and will continue this weekend priming, priming, and priming the walls and ceiling, then it's time to get our paint on.

The walls in the main living space and the playroom will be this big sample here - sorry for the crappy quality of the picture, but it's a basement.  At night.  And with a rookie photog behind the wheel.  So... my bad.
The color is Valspar Desert Fortress - it's a cool sandy color that really straddles the dividing line between brown-beige and greige, which is perfect.

So this weekend we'll prime, and probably start paint next week. 
In the meantime I'll be taking care of what was left in the wake of the drywall:

Yes Mom, it was covered.  But drywall dust is SNEAKY.
Our crew was extremely conscientious and clean,
but that darn drywall dust still found its way to places I never expected to see it.
So, I'll be vacuuming and dusting the daylights out of the house.

Tonight I'm taking Mr.V. to try out a sofa and chair that may replace the furniture in the living room.
If he likes it, we'll be replacing this sad guy and his chair counterpart in the living room:

I've loved this furniture, really I have... but he's looking a little sad, no? 
It has been 10 years...  I'll cut him a little slack.

So, he's [eventually] moving to the basement, but never fear - I'm working on a
project that may provide a little "freshen up" for this guy in his new basement digs.
Cross your fingers I don't staple or sew my arm to the chair frame. 
[No, really, people.  Cross your fingers.  That could totally happen]

I have a few new thrifted treasures that I'm hoping to get to, and next week I'll be introducing you to the prettiest little thorn in my side that you ever did see.
[how's that for a tease?]  :)

What's on tap for your weekend?
Have a great one!



  1. Hi Emily-
    I just found your site through Jenn at Green Door Designs...she said I had to check it out! I can't wait to poke around your recent posts and see what you've been up to. I'm also your newest follower and added your site to my Blog Roll. I'd love for to come over and visit my Interior Design & Decor site, SAS Interiors @

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey Jenna, Welcome!

    Remind me to thank Ms.Jenn for her referral. Does this mean I need to send her a t-shirt or a set of steak knives? :)

    Thanks for the love and for stopping by!

  3. LOL - I just came over here to comment on your HUGE plans for the weekend and I see the comments - I will take the t-shirt - I want a Marth Doesn't Live Here t-shirt :) I am excited to see the sofa redo, I moved our old sofa to the playroom and it has a VERY worn - yet it is only 6 months old - slipcover that needs some help! :)