Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last-Minute Valentine

Need to throw together a QUICK--but lovely--Valentine's Gift?
Don't want to spend much time or money?
There's still time! 
Check out today's special:
Time Investment: 13 minutes, start to finish
(yep I totally timed myself.  And yep... lame.  I know. :) )
Monetary Investment: $6

I realized last night that I hadn't prepared anything for our daycare provider, who is all-around awesome.
She is one of those SuperGals and has a whole valentine party extravaganza for the kiddos, so we're not supposed to bring anything for them.
But she never said anything about anything for her.
And we love her.  She's totally our collective family valentine.

So I started with this vase from the Dollar Store.
[Yep, they're the same ones I used for my DIY Hurricanes.]
I used the cricut to cut an oval and an "L" for her last name on contact paper.

Then I used etching cream to etch in the negative space between the oval and the L.
[You can find my etching tutorial HERE.]
Once the etching was complete and the vase was clean and dry, I simply filled the vase with colorful tissue paper and added some valentine's Dove Chocolates (because they are the BEST! :) ) Seriously, the candy was the biggest expense of this entire project.

Tie it up with some cellophane to keep it all together, add a pretty ribbon and a heart tag and we're all ready for Monday!

Quick, easy, and YUMMY! :)


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