Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Basement Progress & Inspiration

Last year our basement looked like most unfinished suburban basements:

But for the last several months, we've been on a mission.  We're gettin' it done!
[and when I say "we've" been on a mission, I really mean Mr. V.  I've held some cables and done some lifting, but really?  Who are we kidding here?  :) ]

At the beginning of the summer he went to work. Mr. V. was off to a great start and was a framing MACHINE.  But then we got 9 days straight
of rain... and we discovered our friends "Thing 1" and "Thing 2"
in our basement walls.

Basement finishing tip #1: Crack is Whack.

So getting the cracks fixed and having a 2nd egress window installed delayed the process for several weeks.
BUT, once Mr. V., Master Framer Extrordinaire was back in business, he really took off!
Framing?  Check.
Plumbing?  Check.
Electrical?  Check and Check.
The farther along he gets, the more excited I am.
Just look at it!

What, you don’t see it? ;)
Here are some of the inspiration boards I put together with our "vision" for the basement:
This bathroom?

When it’s all said and done this is what we’re going for

Basement Bathroom

This “bedroom” is The Redhead’s new playroom.
And while the details aren’t yet in stone
I’m thinking along these lines:


The main living space is I think the biggest compromise of my marriage thus far.  But I think we've come to a reasonable agreement.

Here's what I get:
- We’re moving the current living room furniture down here, and I get new stuff for upstairs.

- I get to decorate it. How I want. (well, within reason and without excessive ‘girlyness’.
But that's OK, that's not really my style anyway.)

- Three Words: Commercial. Wine. Fridge.

My general plan:
Basement Living Space

And he gets this:
[plans from our woodworking contractor]
- An obnoxious wall of TVs upon which to gaze many games of basketball, football, and if The Redhead has any say… wall-to-wall Elmo.
- Custom cabinetry to house all 7,000 electronic components.
- A refrigerator that can hold something other than wine. :)
[See?  "Hers" on the left, "His" on the right.]
As we speak the drywall is going up [we totally hired out for the drywall hanging, mudding and taping.  We're thrifty and handy.... not stupid ;) ] so we are definitely in the home stretch. 

More updates to come...



  1. I agree with your crack is whack observation. It looks like everything's coming along nicely now. How much fun it must be to do inspiration boards like that!

  2. Can't wait to see the progress! I'll live vicariously through you since we can't redo our basement yet... I am going to have to wait for-evah.

    Your cute basement bathroom board sort of reminded me of my sister's basement babathroom :)

  3. Wow - super similar! I'm gonna put it out there that your sister has great taste... ;)


  4. I can't wait to see how everything turns out. our current den furniture will be our "playroom" furniture in our next home. great idea and i LOVE what you have going on with the mood boards!!! best of luck. {visiting from diy showoff}
    jbr @

  5. we are in the process of renovating our 1870's farm house and im obsessed with all the mood boards out there now. LOVE the green! i would love to paint our livingroom that color with red accents. i have those same pillows on one of my mood boards too:)great job and keep up the good work!

  6. Wow! This space has come a long way. Cant wait to see the final project.