Friday, February 4, 2011

Touch-Up Tricks & Tools [And Giveaway Winner!]

Happy Friday All!
Hope you've got a fun and/or relaxing weekend planned!

Earlier this week you saw me get all Schmoopie about my new office storage "solution":
a Craigslist steal that has my heart all aflutter.

I originally planned to paint or restain him, but once I got him settled in the room, I noticed how he perfectly matched the seat on my desk chair[you can kind of see the seat in the picture above], and how the rich woodgrain really added some "oompf" to the room.

So instead of a makeover, he got a little pampering.
Or... a Lot of pampering.  You can't really tell from the wide shot photo, but there was some real touch-up work that needed to happen here. 


I went to my trusty furniture sidekick, THE GUARDSMAN. [that totally sounds like it should be followed with a grand echo, doesn't it? :) ]
OK.  If you own wood furniture and you have a kid or a dog or a husband or a penchant for dropping things or running into them with other things [um, I have all of the above] then you NEED a good touch-up pen.
Scratch that.  PENS.

There are lots of other brands out there, and trust me, I have tried them all (Sharpie, DAP, etc.).  Guardsman is by far the most natural, smoothest and easiest to use.
**I should say right now that I have not been compensated in any way by Guardsman - I just blog about what I like 'cause that's how I roll.**

So in addition to having a good pen, the key to a good touch-up is all in the delivery.
You can't just color over the scratch and let it sit.  The stain will behave just like a regular marker and will look like you let your kid draw on your furniture.
Once you fill in the scratch, use your finger or a soft cloth (like an old t-shirt) to give the stain a little smudge/blending.
I use my finger.  My mother is not surprised by this.

If you choose this method your hands WILL get a bit messy, but we've already established that I am a third grader and I write reminder notes on my hand every. day. So this doesn't bug me.

Once the stain from the pen is dry and appropriately blended, I like to give the spot a nice coat of polish to create a protective seal.
With a little TLC, a tiny bit of touching up can go a looooong way in making your hand-me-down, upcycled or second-hand furniture look good as new!


And no, I totally didn't forget about our Super Sweet Giveaway from CSN Stores!

The winner is comment number 12, Kim from My Cozy Home!

Congratulations Kim!
Please shoot me an email at so I can hook you up with your prize!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Thanks for this tip! My favorite piece of furniture is my dark stained entertainment center, and unfortunately, our moving company didn't find it as important to handle it gently as I'd have hoped. Heading to the store now to find my shade!

  2. What an amazing and simple fix! I still LOVE your new find! :)

    Happy Friday!


  3. I've passed the versatile blogger award on to you... Please make sure to pass it along to 15 bloggers that you like =D


  4. great job - quick question - what kind of polish/protective finish do you put on it? I am looking for something for my kitchen table.... :)

  5. Hey Jen! You know, I don't use anything fancy... just good old-fashioned Pledge. I have found it gets into the "scarred" areas and helps give things a more patina'd look; helps the touched up area blend with the rest of the piece. I'm sure there are more professional "sealers" out there, but I haven't really found the need. Good Luck!