Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Progress

It's like the arrival of the Robin signifying the start of spring.
We are officially in the "home stretch", people.
We have a light.
I love you light fixture (is that weird?).  Even nekkid without shades you're still purdy.

*     *     *
OK.  So even though it's what's been consuming us at our house lately, I've been trying to limit myself to one post a week about the progress we're making on the basement.
I can't imagine everyone cares about the tiny details... the arrival of self-leveling compound for the bathroom shower base and tile, or the drama of "Plug-Gate 2011", wherein it was discovered that two electrical outlets were installed (Gasp! Horror!) slightly crooked.
(for those of you currently clutching your pearls about that notion, rest assurred the offending outlets have indeed been leveled.  And given a stern talking-to).

So even though this montrous project is the reason for my rather meager offerings in the "projects" posts category as of late, know that I'm not being totally lazy about things.
Well, not this time, anyway.

So here's our latest update:

Ceilings are painted.  Covers are on the recessed lights. My brawny husband installed doors, which I'll soon be painting.
Paint is on the walls.  The big unpainted area on the right is where this bar area and cabinetry will be:

Bathroom fan and lights are installed... and they WORK! :)
I'm waiting to add the glass shades to the fixture until we're done. 
I'm prone to knocking into things with a paintbrush and/or my noggin, so we'll just save the shades for last.

Carpeting has been selected (bottom row, center tile) and we'll be ordering it this week.

We've still got a ways to go, but our goal is to be completely finished by The Redhead's birthday party the first weekend in May.

So maybe by then she'll actually have a playroom to play in and we'll be able to let her out of here:

I know HE'LL be thrilled  ;)


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