Monday, March 14, 2011

Holy Progress, Batman!

Hey gang!

I know I was MIA last week, but not without good reason!
We are in full-throttle basement mode to try and finish everything up before
A) Carpet comes on Wednesday
B) NCAA Tournament Play begins on Friday.  
Priorities, people. :)

So all my current "ongoing" projects are on hold because we've been spending every waking hour we can working on the basement.  Every weekend hour that The Redhead is napping?  Basement.  Every night after she goes to bed?  Basement. 
But Holy Moly, folks, there is PROGRESS!
I will warn you now... there are LOTS of pictures in this post.
But I'm too busy doing the "we're-almost-done" dance to care.  BOOM.  WINNING!! ;)

Check it out:
The beautiful built-ins have been installed and I'm just in love with how they turned out.
(and I'm totally not apologizing for the mess this time. 
It's a construction zone but it's almost DONE.  WOOT! :) )

Mr.V. finished installing the brackets for the mall-mounted ManlyTVs

And he even laid tile in front of the bar.  First tile job ever! (still needs grout, but the hard part is done)

We've picked out our granite slab for the countertop

and ordered backsplash tile.

And these lovelies are waiting to be installed under the bar cabinets tonight.

Those closet doors are just two of the 5 different doors I've been sanding, painting and priming the past week
(these are in the playroom)

The surround sound is wired and ready for all the electronic... "stuff"


*Second* tile project ever!  Nothing like jumping in head first, right? :)
I won't caption what is actually coming out of his mouth in this picture. 
It starts with *$%^%$ and ends with @&$%&#*$&#.  You get the idea.
Tiling is tough business, man.  BUT he did a teriffic job!  I can't wait to show you the finished pictures of the bathroom shower and floor because you won't believe he's never done this before.
(sorry, I'm a wee bit proud of him and his handsome handiness.  hee.)

We've trimmed our little hearts out.
I'm the painter, and Mr.V. is the designated "trimmer".  He installed everything, then I've been batting cleanup filling nail holes, puttying seams, sanding and touching up the paint. 
We make a good team.

Mmmm, trim.
 Just think how purty it will be with squishy new carpeting under there? 
Hey I told you there were a lot of pictures! :)

So.... that's where I've been. 

I need a nap.


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  1. Looks great...I know you are excited!! My oldest son currently occupies our basement space but he is getting married in July. I would love to do something like this to our room. Can't wait to see it finished.