Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Springing Ahead

Is it Spring Yet?
I know, buddy.  You're ready.
You and me both.

I thought I would help give Mother Nature a little prodding, hopefully nudging her in the direction of colorful flowers, 73 degrees and a light breeze.  But really I'd settle for 2 consecutive weeks without snow.

So, it's time to put up the Bat Signal
Sorry, winter.  There are pastels on my front door.  That means it's time for you to pack it up and move on out.

I've mentioned before that my seasonal decor peaks at Christmas, then tends to fizzle through the rest of the year until I get all antsy and end up breaking out the fall colors in August.  Poor summer gets ignored, really.  But at least spring will get some pretty flowers. 

Last weekend I thought I would bring out a few touches for Easter (because who decorates for St. Patrick's Day, anyway?  And that's coming from someone who's Irish)
No really, I wasn't kidding when I said "a few" :)

The Redhead demanded a bunny, so a bunny she received.
(She says "Good Morning, Bunny!" from the breakfast table every day.  So cute. )
This guy was a 50-cent thrift store find.  He was originally brown and gray but I just shaped him up with a quick bit of glossy white paint and he's perfectly adorable now.
He's cozied up in some packing that had come with a wine delivery ages ago.
The candlepots (far left and far right in the picture above) were in a set of 4 from Target about 6 years ago. 
They came in this adorable little box set.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I had originally bought them as a housewarming gift for someone else that I never got around to giving.  Oops.

The egg candles also came from Target last year.  Set of 6.
I popped a couple in these egg cups for a little variation. 
Egg cups are adorable.  It's like a footed bowl for tiny, tiny people.

But just because we decorate with cute bunnies and flowers and pastel eggs, I wanted a reminder of the real reason we celebrate Easter: 


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