Monday, March 21, 2011

Team Spirit Table Makeover

Things are coming together in the basement, and I'm excited to be getting close to having a finished look pulled together to share with you soon!  Yay!

As I've mentioned before, we've moved the current living room furniture to the basement, and are getting new furniture upstairs.  But I'm keeping my end tables upstairs.
So, we need some end pieces downstairs to ground the furniture and you know, give me a place to set my wine glass.  :)

I was hoping to avoid buying something new if I could, so I went shopping the house to see what I could dig up.

Lo and behold, I found this guy, stashed away in a guest bedroom, just full of team spirit and waiting for a home.
Here's the thing - this table was a gift from a friend of Mr. V's.  A generous gift, and a thoughtful one, as he knows our undying love for my alma mater [Go Hawks!]!
But showcasing that love on a table isn't for me.  I'll stick to a t-shirt, thanks.

The top has a rendering [under glass] of my beloved Kinnick Stadium. 
If you press your ear to the glass you can hear the fight song.

Okay not really.

The shelf below has this lovely golden Hawkeye decal.
Again, LOVE THEM, but it's just not my style.

So what to do with it?

I was in a quandry for a few reasons.
First, the table is of nice quality and is overall a nice shape and design.
It's solid wood and I do like the stain.

It was a gift.  I just didn't feel right about painting/completely
remodeling this gift, from a friend who does visit from time to time.
It seemed rude.

And um, Mr. V. likes the "Heeeeere Coooooome theeeeeee HAAAWKEEEEEYYYYYYEEEES!!!" vibe.

What to do, what to do.

One day when I was surfing the Ballard Designs website, it hit me:

The Ballard Spool Side Table

I really liked the neutral coloring, and how the natural texture in the rope and the wood played off one another.
I knew I didn't want the table to look like a giant spool, but this definitely inspired the end result.

I picked up this roll of sisal rope at Lowe's for about $8.

I removed the glass from the top of the table, took my best guess at the center of the circle, and started winding.

When I got to the edge, I wedged the end of the rope in between the closest roll and the end of the table, and slipped the glass back on top.  Perfect fit!
I was able to remove the bottom shelf and simply flip it upside down so that the decal is facing the floor:


And the best part is, it's totally non-permanent, so we can change the table back anytime we want.

I have no guilt, we have a cute table, and my wine glass has a home!


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  1. What a beautiful table. I hope you stop by DIY Home Sweet Home and link up to More The Merrier Monday.

  2. Wow....that really turned out great!! Smart way to transform the table without ruining the original gift! Can't wait to see the reveal of your basement!

  3. Great save on that table. I understand not wanting to permanently change the look. But I do understand WANTING to change the look!

  4. no way, are you serious? AWESOME! You didn't even alter the table. BRILLIANT disguise! Love the coiled texture and would never have known it was hiding a stadium.

  5. super transformation! (temporary too) That's awesome. Love how you turned the bottom shelf upside down!
    "catching" you this week!

  6. Perfect solution! Although the original table cracked me up. My husband would so love a UK table just like that :) Thanks for linking up.