Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hat Trick

Not too long ago I shared our updated living room (YAY! :) )

I love the new additions, but something felt... off.

And then I figured it out:

These lamps.  3 years ago, I found an amazing deal on a set of 3 bronze lamps.  The bases were sturdy, the color was perfect and the shape was classic.  (and I had a coupon). SOLD! ;)
The only problem were the shades.  I wasn't crazy about the shape, and you can't really tell in the picture, but the material is way, way cheap.  And not overly cute.  But it was neutral, and good enough, and when I went to look for new shades, 3 shades cost more than what I paid for the lamps themselves.
So I lived with it.

Until now.

I found these great burlap shades at a fantastic price, and made my own little "hat trick":



Funny what a big difference a new lid on a lamp will make!


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