Monday, April 18, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

This isn't a new project, but it's a piece I love and it certainly fits with how we roll here On the V Side.

I love this mirror.

It used to be a window in the farmhouse where Mr.V. grew up.
My father-in-law took a window for each of his children (6!) and put mirrors behind the panes to make it a functional piece of their history.
I wanted to display it, but it needed a little tweaking to fit with our decor.
(Sorry, no Before pics!)
My father-in-law had painted it white, and my mother-in-law had attached some flowers to the frame.
I needed a more streamlined and tailored look, so I removed the flowers and gave it a coat of black satin paint.

Now, could I have found a window at a yard sale or at architectural salvage and created the same project? 
But its authenticity is what gives it flavor.  And someday, we could give this to our daughter with the story of its history and she would know her grandfather's own hands put the piece together.

So yes.  I love this mirror.
It is simple.
It is pretty.

And now, it is a wonderful vintage addition to our guest room that's full of history and charm.


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