Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May: Three Things Under $30

Hey there!
Hopefully you enjoyed the nice long weekend! 
We had plenty of sunshine and packed our weekend full of family time, which was awesome.

Without further ado,
here's a look at my favorite finds for the month of May...

I think these numbered jars are *adorable*.

They have that classic mason jar shape, but with a nice latching lid.
And the numbers!  Distressed!
Know what else is cute about them?
The Price: $3.99 at Tuesday Morning.
These will eventually make their way to The Redhead's playroom,
but in the meantime they're chillin on my windowsill and I like 'em.

*       *       *

I *love* Adirondack chairs.  Love their classic shape, their surprising comfy-factor, their ability to finish off just about any outdoor space.

I don't love that they nearly cost you your firstborn.
So, when I saw these guys at Home Depot, my heart skipped a beat.

photo: Home Depot

Made for the true DIYer, these are assemble-yourself, unfinished Adirondack chairs.
For $29.98
I think a couple coats of teak or dark walnut stain will look fantastic on my future patio.
Or maybe a bright pop of color?
I love that these are "choose-your-own-adventure" chairs.

*       *       *

And finally, I have become a hoarder of these bad boys:

Scented filled candles from Target's Room Essentials line - $6.

Yep, just $6!
They come in heavy glass, either square (shown) or a taller rectangle, and in about 7 or 8 different scents/colors.
A nice, homey vanilla is my favorite candle scent, and these deliver! 
I've been impressed with the even burn and the long burn time, and when the candle is gone, you're left with a classic, chic glass votive or vase.
(Coming up I'll show you my trick for cleaning out the wax easily)

It's more than a bargain for just six bucks.

I can't believe another month has flown by already! 
Hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend... now bring on June!


  1. Get out! $3.99???? Pottery Barn had these last summer and they definitely were not $3.99! Score! Coming over from the Shabby Nest and your newest follower!


  2. What a fantastic deal~ love your charming little mason jars and those chairs are fantastic too!

  3. Oh my gosh, I just bought that Adirondack chair from HD, too! I love it! We white-washed it and it's loving a new home on our front porch! :)