Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning With Shaklee, Part II

Eaerlier this week I showed you how Shaklee's Scour Off product changed my oven's life.

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on the other Wunderkind product from Shaklee Corporation,
the super-concentrated Basic H2.

Mixing different [small] amounts of this stuff with water makes cleaners for windows, an all-purpose cleaner and a degreaser.

The window cleaner forumla - handily printed right on the mixing bottle - takes just a few drops of the concentrate, mixed into a full-sized spray bottle with water.  Nice!

 I decided to attack our glass storm door out front - it definitely needed some help!
This is a terrible Before picture, but hopefully you can see the grimey film of water spots and dust/dirt some recent wind and rain left on the storm door.

 The big streak in the center of the picture is a mark from my finger in the crud.

I used my Basic H mixture and a microfiber cloth, and gave it the old college try.
Here's where I was disappointed:
Big, shiney streaks.  Over the entire window:
I even re-mixed the concentrate to make SURE I got the right ratio in the mix.
No luck.

I'll stick to my tried-and-true-Blue cleaner for my windows.

Basic H was not a total bust!
I made the all-purpose cleaner and the degreaser, and while I don't have any
Before & After pictures using
 these cleaners, I was super happy with the results.
The Basic H cut through the disaster on the counter
that's left behind after one of The Redhead's meals, like a champ.

And the best part?
That is how much of the Basic H concentrate I used to make a FULL BOTTLE of all purpose cleaner:
(my spray bottle on the left, Basic H on the right)

This one bottle of Basic H will keep me from having to buy cleaning spray for a year, I'm guessing.
So I wasn't a huge fan of it on the windows.  But as a mom who's constantly wiping up spills,
cleaning doggy noseprints and fingerprints off the appliances and attempting to control the stuff that magically appears in the rest of the house, I'm 100% happy with Shaklee.

I was not compensated for the content of these reviews by Shaklee Corporation.
I took advantage of a publicly-offered membership promotion and purchased products myself.
My reviews are 100% my opinion and not influenced by the product makers in any way. 


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